Why havent I burned down my house yet!!

Wow!! This guy takes the lead for his unhandy man specials:shock:

Hot wires to a metal chain cord. Extension wires everywhere.

Burned wiring in panels.

Oversized fuses. You name it he has it.

The guy had conduit to size for a lowes warehouse to his garage and there where no wires installed.

And his plumbing was even better. I had to laugh on this one. I submitted this in the plumbing but thought I would post here.:mrgreen:

I told the client at least he labeled the valves.

See structural & plumbing for more!!


72606 Cleveland 031 (Small).jpg

72606 Cleveland 031 (Small).jpg

72606 Cleveland 027 (Small).jpg

72606 Cleveland 025 (Small).jpg

72606 Cleveland 017 (Small).jpg

72606 Cleveland 021 (Small).jpg

If things start cooking in the panel, he’s got plenty of water right there to extinguish it. Looks like he’s prepared for any emergency.

I guess the real estate agents don’t walk through and clean up these places before they call you. No wonder this is a slow market.

Only thing missing is a couple of leaky gas lines running thru the same spaces. I especially liked the wooden pegs in the cast iron. Reminds me of Navy Damage Control school only the pegs were much larger.

These photos remind me of some of the homes I’ve inspected. The problem is that homes with these conditions usually take a lot more of my time inspecting and a lot more time writing reports. I should charge by the hour when I see a home with conditions like this. Of course, most Realtors don’t have a clue and don’t encourage pre-listing inspections. Then they get my report and say I’m nit picking. Go figure.

Not too Cool…

Geeze, I really like the waste pipe plugs. Simply insert peg, and seepage is fixed.


I’ve got you beat on the internal wiring…