no home background experience.

Is it possible to succeed in this business having no housing background? This is my first trip into this and I wonder how many have gone into this blind.

Definitely, if you bust your A-S and give it your all.

Most States that have the plague of licensing unfortunately will give just about anyone a license then you are an INSTA-PRO equal to all other inspectors in your area because of a piece of paper.

It is a little harder to get street cred in unlicensed States where people may ask why you are qualified.

it appears I am in one of those unregulated states. no lic. here in mich

No experience is a negative and somewhat of a positive… in that you don’t think you know it all and are more willing to take the courses.

Just get a license, should be pretty easy. Read Nicks marketing book and hang out here and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Good Luck :slight_smile:

These comments make me feel better. Im really feeling like the underdog.

In my area most of the new inspectors have no construction, housing or trade experience OR they just flat lie and say they do.

Their lack of knowledge seems to be a marketing plus to many agents, especially if they’re insured.

I can say I have seen several building contractors try to get into the market and fail…you need to be able to talk to people…its an important skill in home inspections and if you have that your half way home.

Sad but true…I have several realtors that won’t refer me. I laughed once when one hired me for her sons house purchase…hmmm interesting. Doesn’t bother me anymore as I have found the good realtors to work with and I don’t mind being known as the “detailed inspector.”

Don’t sweat it. hang around here and you will get plenty of advice and help when you ask. Most of us like to see our fellow inspectors succeed :slight_smile:

80 hours of instruction, a super easy so called “test” and bam you’re a home inspector here in Nevada. It really ridiculous that the state of Nevada will let just about anyone with an IQ above 15 become an inspector.

I have always been in the construction industry and found that I learned way more through InterNachi than I did at the diploma mill mandated by the state. I like that I will always be a student here. Take the classes, read through the message board and you’ll be fine.

find someone to shadow for awhile. ideally work for a good inspector for a year or more and you should do fine.

I have only home owner experience, not any real building experience. I’m doing just fine. Of course you don’t just hang your shingle out and bam you are making money, it takes more time getting the word out for the first 3 years (I’m in year 1), BUT if you are willing to take all the courses you can, and market, market, market (it doesn’t have to take a bunch of money to market), you can do it.