No ledger deck? Flashing for rim joist as deck ledger?

I’m looking a deck where there’s no external ledger. It appears the siding was removed, the joists attached presumably with hangers, then the siding cut and cobbled in the gaps:

Is there a standard flashing detail and support detail for such rim joist deck hanging?

Even with a proper flashing above the deck, I’d still be worried that water would come back along the joists sending water down behind the siding (even if those joints were caulked). For this deck the siding is all punky and rotted below the deck, so there’s not much hope for the integrity of the joists. This deck is NOT subject to the area’s mandatory 3E deck inspection

What you might be looking at is newer siding installed over the existing (older) siding. Perhaps there is a ledger board under there and joist hangers, but you do not know that. So, you will likely need to call it out as an inspection restriction. What you do know is that they should have installed “Z” flashing to protect the new siding (as well as old), which we are not seeing.


Perhaps. The lower house is original, the upper story newer.
The siding is consistent with their date of construction in both cases (lovely lead painted T&G boards below, T1-11 plywood above).

So it appears the siding was removed, then cobbled back.
Either way a flashing would have helped…

Did you lift up the siding to see if the joists are cantilevered or if they butt up against the wall?


Looks like a cantilevered balcony with outside support (beam/posts)


[quote=“Randy Mayo, P.E., post:4,topic:244120, full:true,username:rmayo”]
Did you lift up the siding to see if the joists are cantilevered[/quote]

I flicked away enough rotted siding to see they do indeed seem to butt up. Either way though, same flashing need.

Missing joist hangers alone is enough to flag it for repair.

If it was done this way, and the joist hangers were sticking out, how should it be flashed?

Was the wall of under the joists rotted?

I had plenty to refer out, so stopped after concluding that the siding was compost. It’s mostly for my own curiosity that I’m asking about how this could have been flashed.

The house had been painted by a low bidder who clearly just painted right over the rot…

Rear wood constructed balcony.
Post and beam support.
Floating footings. Balcony structure prone to seesaw effect. Posable cause of siding damage.
Posts and beam not cross braced.
There is flashing under the opening for the sliding door. Other than that you can see daylight at the wall decking intersection.
Wood balcony floor joists. No visible fastening hardware at the wall of any kind.
Missing bridging, blocking strapping between joists.
Buckled wood siding between the floor joists.

No kidding. That deck is almost a dumpster fire. That is one where I will say to my clients, “This is a tear off and start over.”

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