NO main shut off in elec box

I’m sure this has been asked but I could not find an answer. Inspected a high rise condo. There was not main shut off in the main box. There were about 25 breakers in the box. I could not find a main shut off any where in the unit. In this type of structure, where are the main shuts normally located. The Bldg was built in 1982.


At a high rise condo the service disconnect (main) is typically located at the meter, either at exterior or at meter room.

We have many side by side connected condos wired the same way, up in this area. Then, the remote distribution (sub) panel is in the condo.

This is typically where I find the disconnect located at…


Thank you. Assuming the meter and shut offs are behind locked doors and if the owner does not have access, do you gain access and look at the meter/shut off as part of a standard condo inspection?

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So how did you explain this in your inspection report?

And is required to be wired as such.

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