No More Robo Calls

Check this out.
It’s free!!!

Nice. Too bad they can’t block the annoying dick-sponges at Prolab (Not Robocalls).

Hey ~ thank Linus!

I signed up & will see if it works for me.
I get annoyed daily from all the robo-crap.
The do not call list sucks ~ oh… it is run by our government…

Jeff, one of my good friends is VP of Pro-Lab.
Perhaps that’s why I’ve never had a problem with them in 7 years & also never got a call?

I just send in the samples & get the analysis back timely.
Don’t get me wrong here, I have no issue with your opinion.
If you are getting unwanted calls from them, let me know & I am most certain I can help you to never receive them any more. :slight_smile:

I didn’t check it out because when I tapped on the link it said that the sites security certificate is not trusted.

I would like that though, I get 3 calls a day from Washington for a work at home program.

I get two calls a day, EVERYDAY, one in the AM as early as 7:30am, and another in the middle of the afternoon, from “Debra”. I don’t answer vendor calls, and will call back if interested at MY convenience. She always leaves the same message including “if I am not interested in (whatever-she never says) to just let her know”. I call back and get a voicemail, and leave one instructing to never call again. Nope… still get the calls, twice a day, everyday!

Note: I have never done business with them other than requesting info six-seven years ago.

Thank you Nachi!!!
(Yes, that is sarcastic as hell, because guess why they think I am interested)?

…And some wonder why I and others have a bug up our arses over Privacy issues!