Robocalls have got to STOP!!!

I’ve had enought of this sh*it!
I’m on the Do Not Call registry. I have several blockers on my phones, But it hasn’t did a bit of good.
They use fake phone numbers.
I’d like to choke the Mother Fukers.
I’ve had about 6 already today, it is like this everyday and the day isn’t over yet!.
I usually get a few calls and no one answers…Then the robos start.
Anyone else have a solution?

I hope so same problem here… the 8 to 12 second no one there calls and then all robot calls everything from we are hiring to get a loan quick. Actually had a live person from home advisor call me. I told him politely “no thanks I’m already too busy” then he started going on… beat the click… click. He didn’t beat the click.

Perspective: The ‘Do Not Call’ list is the same as a “Gun Free Safe Zone”. Just ain’t gonna work!

The ObamaCare calls are really aggravating :mad:

My thing is they’re trying to sell me a reverse mortgage, health insurance, and everything above that. My home and everything I own is paid for. And I have the best insurance that can be offered. However this doesn’t solve the problem. I hate them.

I can tell you how to get rid of them but you hate me also so I won’t tell you:twisted::smiley:

Does it have to do with the a coyote, a road runner and a stick of dynamite? :shock: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen: :twisted:

just have your robo sexetary answer the phone

I’ve had pretty good success getting off their lists.
I’ll call you in the morning. :slight_smile:

All calls to members should be transfixed to contact one entity - The website for Dooms-Sayers!

I use Mr. Number.

I just got a Google Pixel 2 XS (great phone for inspecting, BTW) and when a spam call comes in it is identified on the screen as a suspected spam call. I have been answering them anyway, but it has yet to be wrong.

A lot of these calls hang up after the first ring, so if I am busy I might just let a call ring three or four times before I pick up. Weeds out a lot of them.

I am hesitant to block their numbers because, as the OP pointed out, they are constantly changing their numbers. I don’t want to block a number that could be a potential client.

My provider T-mobile screens scam likely calls.

If your phone doesn’t have suspected spam filtering or your carrier disables it (like Verizon does) you can download the “Hiya” app (Android) which may help.

I forward all unwanted calls to…

…as I know he will answer them!

I have the AT&T call blocker and True Caller.

apparently, they don’t work. Does anything from ATT work?

I tried them all Chucky. However I own a lot of stock with AT&T

I’m certainly beginning to wonder that myself! :roll:

Well we can’t make all good decisions now can we? :wink: