Non-Conforming Bedrooms. Please proof this new inspection article.

Non-Conforming Bedrooms.

Title should be Bedroom ingress code.

Saw nothing about bedroom code other than windows.

How about defining a bedroom and mentioning that closets are not required under a bedroom definition.
What about privacy doors?

I would also touch on AFCI recommendations.

Smoke detector should also be installed.

Another mention might go to older bedroom areas with returns that get blocked.

You can only define a bedroom for a particular municipality, the code changes quite a bit based on where you are. Any a lot of people seem to think that closets are part of the definition of a bedroom, Realtors included. Some disagree.

They are not because all one needs do is add a wardrobe.
Smoke detectors are recommended for all bedrooms on a national level “code or not”
Remember we are not code inspectors.

AFCI is also always recommended and could be defined.

Getting *into *(ingress) a bedroom can be important in an emergency to help someone get out and getting out (egress) is often more important.