Non load bearing wall stud

Notches and holes in new build non load bearing wall stud. I called it out. Builder says it doesn’t matter as it is non load bearing. I say BS.

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Me too, Todd.


What specification/reference have you provided to the Builder that backs your assessment?

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You are correct, you can refer to this:


||•|Holes in bearing wall studs (exterior and interior walls that bear the weight of the roof and/or other stories above) may not exceed 40 percent of the width of the stud.|
||•|Notches in bearing wall studs may not exceed 25 percent of the stud’s width.|
||•|Holes in non-bearing walls can’t exceed 60 percent of their width.|
||•|Notches in non-bearing walls can’t exceed 40 percent of their width.|
||•|The edge of a hole must be at least 5/8 in. from the edge of a stud.|

Google the “exception” regarding Stud Shoes and see if this could be a recommendation that could be installed.


Stud shoes probably would work but the builder told the buyer that nothing is wrong. They don’t plan on doing anything.

You can only recommend further evaluation and possible solutions based off that, and leave it to the buyer and builder to figure/fight it out. Stand by your call, which is a good one.


Non-load Bearing wall R602-6(2)


This is what I was heading to with the question above. I encounter it so much that Builders do not care one bit about an Inspector’s “opinion” and providing the reference no longer makes this your “opinion”.

Even though you provide a proper reference why it is wrong you have reached your limits/responsibility and Thomas has displayed the second half of the process.

There are only three people/groups that can force the Builder to properly perform their job. Obviously the first is the Builder if they care enough to properly perform their job and as you can see that apparently does not apply in this situation. The second is the AHJ can, if they do their job, red tag it at their inspection and force the Builder to correct it. The third is the client/buyer who has a contract with the Builder to properly build the home.

All you can do is advise the client, which you apparently did, provide them the proper requirement reference, and it is now on them to make sure it gets repaired.


Structural problems aside, they’ll never be able to protect those pipes and when my wife moves in and hangs new pictures every week the pipes will look like swiss cheese.

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Notches in bearing wall studs may not exceed 25 percent of the stud’s width.

Holes in non-bearing walls can not exceed 60% percent of their width.
Notches in non-bearing walls can not exceed 40% percent of their width.

Explain to the GC he is wrong and some improvements are required to prevent movement.

Plumbing contractors hacking structure… Well there’s a new one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That wall should have been framed with 2x6 so as not to weaken those studs where they will eventually twist and cause damage to the finish later on due to their weakness.


Mr Marcel, have you seen the lumber prices lately :smiley:

Will be long gone before then :smiley: Let someone else worry about that. It’s the new way of the world.

Yes, and it is called a wet wall.


They could also have left a space between the two walls also for the plumbing.


Dang if they don’t have 2x6 walls right behind! Top left


Yes they did.

It looks like they need a lesson in framing. Even the stairs are framed in half assed.