It is snowing again…please make it stop !!!

[quote=please make it stop !!![/quote]

:mrgreen: Noooo!!!

I feel your pain James. For the last few days, it has finally warmed into the 30’s and 40’s during the day, and melting much of the snow. Each night, it has snowed 1-2 inches to replace it !!! I am definatley ready for Spring/Summer. :smiley: :smiley:

Live with it, you wuss :wink:

This weather in Ohio is horrible. We get 1 month of nice weather in Spring, 3 months of hot & humid, 1 month of nice fall, then 7 months of crap.

Try Chicago.

It’s called weather :mrgreen:

It’s been 60’sand 70’s past two weeks, I’ve got a sunburn, and I shot a 84 at my local course…
Yeah, the weather really sucks :mrgreen:

In the immortal words of Moe Howard, “Remind me to kill you later.” :wink:


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Send some of that cold weather down here. It was 86 and sunny today.

Spring has sprung here, we hit 65 today, and expected to be warmer still tomorrow.

Laugh while you can, Willy.

Pretty soon, the airport will thaw and then you wll be sorry :wink:

Keep your eyes out for a 6’ 8" gray headed guy, in an orange shirt, trying to sneak up behind you and “do a mulch” with a 5 HP yard mate snow blower :wink:

(If I can get the dang thing past the TSA :mrgreen: ).

We Chicago guys have a long memory.


I have already mowed twice, it sure beats shoveling the white stuff, did plenty of that growing up in Michigan.:smiley:

Hey Bruce,
You a big Gator Fan?

18 years in Ky, can you say Wildcat

They had a great season in '07

I know it’s like 160 days until the season starts, but I’m looking forward to another SEC dominated NCAA football season
with Gators winning another title.

Sorry everybody.

I got off topic.

Snow, I’ve heard of that.

I’ve seen it on TV:cool: