North Carolina Inspector Test

How difficult is the North Carolina Home Inspectors Exam?

I have 8 years experience as a carpenter, licensed for 5 in Rhode Island.

I scored an 87 on the practice exam from NACHI while laying in bed, is the states test much harder?

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate all the help I can get.

InterNACHI password protected practice exam.

Just sign in and practice away. Makes life simple.

The full exam is more difficult than the SC test. That much I remember. You may have to take the Associate Inspector exam and work as an apprentice for 100 inspections before you can take the full exam. Check into all that, because NC makes it difficult to break into the business (unless you are already qualified, you have to start as an apprentice). The associate exam is easier than the full exam. Make sure you have a good understanding of the NC standards of practice. They’ll ask you which dept. regulates home inspectors, and other legal questions like that. Study the NACHI test and the NC standards of practice and read this message board and you should do fine.

If you scored an 87 on the InterNACHI test you should not have any problems. :wink:

Many people have the test questions for the NC Home Inspector exam. They teach the questions in North Carolina in the form of a prep class. I have been told that the NC exam has not been updated since it’s inception, so the questions on the exam are well known. I was in Asheville a few weeks ago and just such a class was being held in my hotel.

There are several NC exam’s.
The failure rate is about 45 percent for the full inspector exam.

Lots of code questions on the one I took.
I passed the first time but I would not say it was easy.
I had been making 98- 100 on nachi exams, NC is way more technical.

Make sure that you READ and UNDERSTAND the state’s HI law.

I recommend that you read the entire law (AND the standards of Practice), then re-write them, in your own words. Parapharse them as you understand the law. That helps you to UNDERSTAND.

The technical portion is, usually, pretty cut and dried.

Hope this helps;

I passed the test this summer for NC. Not the easiest HI test I have ever taken, SC was not nearly as difficult.

The NC test can be subjective, the authors of this test were not concerned with black and white. They added some gray to the test. When we started the test the proctor advised that we were to answer some questions “with the best answer given”. Not easy reading the minds of the test designers.

NACHI practice tests will help, as previously stated there are a number of “primer schools” that will prepare you.

NC wants a list of 200 inspections that you have done either under the guidance of a licensed NC home inspector as a “Associate” or as a HI in a state with recpictory privilages. You need the 200 to qualify to take the test.

The personel in the NC home inspection license office were helpful to me. answerind questions.

Good Luck

This is very true and you can challenge a “wrong answer” at the review panel. Depending on their quota, I’ve heard they can give you credit for one of their gray questions.

Good luck.

NC license exam isn’t as cut and dry as the NACHI practice test. There are a lot of questions that have more than one “correct” answer. What they are looking for in these type questions is the “most correct” answer. Study, study, study before you go take it. If you fail, you have to wait 180 days to take the test again. I have 23 years experience in home building, remodeling and business. The test was challenging, but experience and studying will yield a passing grade. If this is a completely new field for you, take time to learn the industry, work with a god mentor, and study hard, or you will be let down.

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Mr Davis,
Dont know about he NC exam, and I wish you the best in NC, glad to see one less competitor in RI :mrgreen:

ICA will enroll InterNACHI members in their NC 80 hour field training class. And they have a pass the test course designed to help you pass: , my friend Brett went with them and passed on his first try.

Welcome to our forum, Jesse!..Enjoy! :smile:

Update to an old thread they have changed the wait time to 3 months instead of 6 months if you fail.
There are 200 questions you have 4 hours and must score a 70% to pass. The diagrams are very bad and look like a kid drew them.
As mentioned many of the questions are subjective and you have to pick the best answer. If you fail but get are close to the 70% mark go to the review session and challenge every question. They know that there are bad questions and may give you extra points.
Always answer all the questions even if you have to guess. Usually, your first guess is the best. Read the question slowly.
Recommended exam review course North Carolina Home Inspector Exam Prep

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