Not central heat narrative

Does anyone have a narrative they are particularly fond of and would not mind sharing regarding homes with no central heat? I am scheduled to inspect a home tomorrow with 3 bedrooms, 1 bath and the only heat source is a wood stove in the living room. Thanks in advance.

How about the main heat for the house is supplied by an estimated XX year old wood burning stove located in the livingroom.

Thanks Brian,
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was looking for what I would call an informational narrative to provide to the prospective buyer regarding the issues of not having heating in each room. For example, is it true FHA will not loan on such a house?
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In a modern home you are supposed to have conditioned air to each room. **IRC 303.8 **As for FHA guidelines, I believe that is a different BB.

We try not to say heat here in the desert.

Brian’s right, IRC 303.8 addresses that and you might be able to quickly develop your own narrative around their code-eze language. Do you need the IRC wording?

If you have it, that would be great - or if you can direct me, I certainly don’t mind tracking it down… Thanks to you both for the assistance…

R303.8 Required Heating. When the winter design temperature in Table R301.2(1) is below 60°F (16°C), every dwelling unit shall be provided with heating facilities capable of maintaining a minimum room temperature of 68°F (20°C) at a point 3 feet (914mm) above the floor and 2 feet (610mm) from exterior walls in all habitable rooms at the design temperature. The installation of one or more space heaters shall not be used to achieve compliance with this section.

This is from the 2003 International Residential Code for One & Two Family Dwellings. Your state may or may not have adopted that standard but this might be a place to start to develop your narrative. The winter design temperature is defined in Appendix D of the International Plumbing Code and I do not know what that says but I’m sure that most of us fall in that 60° range. The IRC also specifically says that the local building officials (AHJ) can deviate from those temperature values.

Check this out fellas:

The ICC Government adoption of codes…

Click on your state to see what local jurisdiction adopted what code org.

Pretty cool stuff… Doesn’t tell you a lot of detail but you can get an idea on what to check when in doubt about AHJ…:smiley: