Not One Phone call

I have spoken to someone and asked to have it corrected.


Yes I can I am asking so I can see what I’m doing wrong also I am very new to this field I’m in medical. I am doing as much as I have learned from reading. But I will make the corrections you advised. Thank you.


To add to the all of the good advice above you may want to consider this as well.

Why would somebody need to make an account to get a home inspection? Or is it some kind of property certification, I don’t even know what that is.

Are you a charity or a home inspection business?

Are you a home inspector certification program? I don’t even know what the hell that is.

So how many inspectors do you have on your “inspection team”? Or are you deceiving your clients before they even begin a business transaction with you.


It’s the new “make everyone a home inspector” certification by NACHI. You didn’t know this? hmmm For just $250 (ON sale!) you, too, can be a home inspector and make bazillions of moneh!


WTF! . . .l . .


Wow! Well you asked, and they responded!

I did not look at your web site yet.

I would be interested in what inspired you to be a Home Inspector. The majority here have come from other walks of life associated in some way with HI. Even if it is just knowing how a business is run. This is what gets us started in our quest to work for ourselves. If someone hands you a business card that says “I do home inspections”, what would YOU want to know about this person? You would need a bag full of reasons why you would consider them, no?

Advertising: any marketing you do is not to make potential clients select you, it’s to prevent them from eliminating you and move on to the next victim. You need them to want more information, which makes the phone ring. Then you have to have what takes for them hire you. This is a Service industry, not a retail business. Don’t play Walmart! No sales, no coupons, no free shit! You are selling YOU, not Home Inspections.

Making Money: Do you have any idea how long it takes a franchise to make money? Look it up, it’s years. You get the benefits and training with a franchise, In HI, you have to do it all, or hire someone to do it for you. Not the free stuff like you get here, You have to invest time and money to make yourself marketable. There are lot of people that do stuff for home inspectors who can’t or don’t want to do it themselves. I think your #1 issue is your not qualified to do a lot of this stuff to get it off the ground. You have to pay for it. If you don’t have a budget to cover it, this is not the time to get started. This is not Amway. There is not one to sponsor you. If there were, you’d still need the tools to excel as a HI for your sponsor (another inspection company).

Do not get into hiring companies like Home Advisor who say they will make the phone ring. You still have to convince potential clients that you can do it all, and at a cost lower that the other “low ball” inspectors your competing with. Can’t make money that way. You need accountants, lawyers, insurance, web site producers, signage, money, and experience.

The more work you do, the more work you will get (if you do a good job, not a cheap job).
You can not raise your prices as you go. Clients notice. A cheap fee is an indication a new inexperienced start up company.

Don’t quit your day job.
Your inability to schedule an inspection should not portray that you have another job and your a part time new guy. “My schedule is full this week, but I can fit you in on Saturday, would morning or afternoon work best for you?”.


Visit and talk to your local real estate brokers. That’s all I do and I get calls all the time.


It looks like you’re trying to follow a formula that will guarantee success in your business… Although there are business models/formulas, depending on where you live, you may need to make some adjustments. Everything takes time… Maybe more than you want to wait. Spending money on a website was not my first priority when I started my business. I did not have much start up capital to begin with. My first priority was to learn the profession from other people in the industry that I respected, and did it well, learning from them. I never spent money I didn’t have and I never borrowed money from my business. Person to person contact was the cheapest and most effective way I could let people know in the industry that I was a home inspector, looking to get on their list of inspectors. I started small, doing home inspections only, and any item inspection related to the home inspection. I only added extra things when I could afford to do so, like buying mold testing equipment, radon tester‘s… Etc. I did not even consider a website until after my fourth year in business… I still don’t rely on it for business, but it does bring me some business. Most business comes from knowing the realtors in my area. They like my product and trust my work and my ethics. Good luck to you. I hope you will take the time to take a fine tooth comb through every part of your business, including your website, to correct anything needing corrected. Work on quality!


The first thing I did was go see some Realtors and give them my business card. I ordered the patches (InterNACHI & CPI) and had them sewn on my shirts. AMazing how the perception changes when they see you looking like a professional.

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Some great insight!

Hello Zeinab,
Something is very wrong here! Your site appears to offer InterNACHI CPI certification with a link to pay with a credit card! CC link is dead.
Perhaps you have an arrangement with InterNACHI?

Also “Help our cause” “Donate now”. The PayPal link is dead. Lacks professionalism, loose it.
Honestly friend, your site looks like someone fishing for credit card information. Not a good look.
You or whoever is the webmaster of your site needs to address these issues on your site ASAP.
A website in this condition should not be live. It will do you more harm than good.
And the misspelling in your domain… You NEED a new domain name.
MichiganPropertyGuardian and MichiganPropertyGuardians (.com) appear to be available through “

Just keep at it. You’ll work it all out.


Hi, Zeinab. I recommend investing a little time and watch Business & Marketing Webinar for InterNACHI® Members - Free Home Inspector Webinar. Take notes while watching the video. Jot down things that you need to do. Then do them. Feel free to reach out to me anytime

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Me’thinks Zeinab left the building a long time ago! :no_mouth:


You didn’t call him?

Didn’t want to cause a ‘medical event’!

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Maybe he’s doing good enough accepting Donations and Selling CPI memberships. Both are still live on his website.