Notched Structural Wall

I have the opportunity to do an inspection of every single step of a new home being constructed from the slab to having dreams in it when it’s finished. And so far… I’ve noticed a few things. I noticed they notched a structural wall to install a beam for a deck like this…

Not done pproperly at all.
The beam end should have full bearing on studs underneath and now the corner is not tied together or interlocked as it should be. Looks like the inside corner stud was butchered and only leaves that outside stud for beam support.
Need to be called out for repairs by a qualified builder.


It’s very disappointing.

I would like to see the deck from the outside.

Welcome to our forum, John!..Enjoy! :smile:

Here is a photo of that corner where the beam is. You can see from the detail that one 2x6 stud is under that beam. the butchered stud is for inside corner nailing.

Called a California corner.

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John, I hope you are well on your game doing construction inspections. As you know, they are quite different from a regular home inspection.

Happy inspecting!

I don’t know why they would butcher that corner unless they were creating a beam pocket, but I don’t see anything related to a deck.

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I don’t see a deck either, Kenton, but it sure is a beam for something.
Like Simon said, a pic from outside would help.

Hey Marcel, I thought maybe they were going to install a framed patio cover and then changed their minds without fixing the butchered corner.

I shouldn’t have said deck. I’m sorry. It is a beam for a covered patio. It didn’t pass the county framing inspection.

I would hope not! Although,… :thinking:

This structural alteration should require an approved repair design by a structural engineer. A builder “should” have a structural engineer available for any such modifications and/or repairs.

Don’t need an engineer for that fix, just need a framing carpenter that is not a butcher.
Like they said above, probably just a beam picking up a covered porch overhang.
If the OP posted an outside picture, it would help solve the problem of how to call it out.