Note to critics who claim InterNACHI's success is because inspectors can fullfill...

Some critics claim InterNACHI is so successful because we have approved/required continuing education (CE) and that home inspectors ONLY join InterNACHI because they can fulfill their required continuing education (CE) requirements online.

The following is a list of our top 10 states/provinces with the most members:

  1. Florida
  2. California - CE not required by law
  3. Texas
  4. Ontario - CE not required by law
  5. New York - Online CE not approved.
  6. Ohio - CE not required by law
  7. Pennsylvania - CE not directly required by law
  8. Georgia - CE not required by law
  9. Michigan - CE not required by law
  10. Alberta - CE not required by law

Note that in 8 out of 10 of the states/provinces with the most members, InterNACHI’s free online home inspection courses are either not approved or not required.

Not many of that list requires state licensing, which never solves anything. ASHI, with the blessings of REA associations and their funding, has pushed for state licensing, thinking that their SOP’s, requirements, and CE’s are the best. They are not, and a waste of time.

The time of state HI licensing is very limited. Kansas laws are gone, and home buyers are better off because of it. Others will follow. REA offices should set the rules of any trades person or HI that serve the clients of that office. That would solve many issues.

When I chose to enter the inspection industry I looked for licensing and education laws in Iowa and Nebraska. I was not able to find anything.

I chose to join InterNACHI because of the education and training available.
I felt that the joining of InterNACHI was my best option to prove my credibility in my market area.

I am in NY and they do not accept the InterNACHI online courses. I chose to belong to InterNACHI because it just simply rocks in every way and form. There are always critics, proof is in the pudding


Not all states have bad licensing laws. If there is ever a push for it in my state again, I won’t be complaining on a MB about an association that is allegedly dictating what will be in that law, instead I will be talking to those writing the laws to make sure the laws have teeth, just as I did last time.

I live in a state that requires licensing, NY. As such there is a mandated SOP that I must follow. Which I believe offers me a level of protection against not only law suits, but also the whim of a judge should a conflict ever go to court. If I do ever go to court there is a clearly defined obligation that I’m required to uphold. I’m always wondering why others are so against state licensure; cost aside, government interference, etc excluded?

And I forgot to add, I’m at INACHI because of all the many benefits that are offered. Between course education, the knowledges gained on the MB, marketing tips from the organization & other members, printed materials, etc. The benefits far outweigh the cost in my opinion.
My experience to date has showed me that this organization is here to help me become a success story in this industry and not to just collect a fee from me. When I recently asked Nick about the cost of ordering a large amount of Realtor CE cards for my marketing, his response was and I’m paraphrasing “what’s your address, I’ll send you a 1,000 if you need more we’ll talk about price”. Who does that these days, not many. I’ve seen many other stories of the generosity of this organization across the MB as well to understand that my story isn’t a fluke, it’s a philosophy. Our success is their success and I think this organization truly does understand this.

Nicely said. For the cost of about one home inspection a year, who could ever in their right mind complain about what we get from INterNACHI!


Who are these critics you’re addressing?
Seems unlike you to concern yourself with such.

I tend to agree.

I’ve heard criticism, but this issue isn’t one them.

It was my own staff. I asked them to see if they could scan the internet and come up with criticisms of InterNACHI that were valid. I wasn’t interested in vague name-calling and I wasn’t interested in accusations that we already know aren’t true. I was looking for ones that might be valid… I was then going to work on plugging those holes. This is all they came up with… some say that inspectors join InterNACHI just to fulfill their required CE.

A few other minor criticisms I’m going to work on.

I haven’t come across any criticism out there but have not looked for it.
I have noticed that more realtors are aware InterNachi exists and I always take a moment to talk up the org. with them.