Note to fellow members

If you are going to email my office 20 times, and call several times. Request discounts to meetings. Request to eat free. Then request that we text you when we get to a certain point at the meeting while feeling we did not give you adequate notice for a meeting. You should expect me to call you and not be happy. If you are then going to call me names please do not expect me to be nice to you again. If you have an agenda please go forward with it, just do not expect me, my office or anyone else to do it for you.

That is some bull****! Remember we all have businesses to run, are volunteers and have families.

Sorry rant over.

Rant all you want John. I believe you have earned the right!

I ranted because I got tired of my wife ranting. :twisted:

Way to throw me under the bus dear. I love you too!

Uh oh. John’s really in trouble now! Go Michelle! :slight_smile:

LOL. Come manage the phones and emails at InterNACHI for a day. I got so tired of members expecting a trade association like InterNACHI to provide them with stuff like free logo design services… that I finally decided to start offering free logo design services:

Both of you, Michelle and your staff deserve the right to rant all you like—I am sure you are all run over like a bad tire…so rant on my friend, I am all ears!

So do I get a free lunch or not? You never answered me…:slight_smile:

I never heard back either! Can my wife come for free?

What’s the saying? If you give an inch they will take a mile.:shock:

:slight_smile: Hang in there John.

It is amazing how many people think NACHI provides us with a budget so that we can offer all of this for free.

They don’t understand that once the money leaves the state it never comes back.

I am in shock you everything isn’t free? No lunches, No Logo’s No free trucks?
Did a bunch of agents turn HI or something. lolol

I think the misconception comes in that the board members make money. I don’t kn ow if they realize that this is a VOLUNTEER position. We get nothing and 100% it seems like money comes from our pockets into the chapter.

John is putting on a class for the chapter. He spends hours getting it ready, prep, comes in early to set up the equipment and stays at the hotel on his own dime.

So in effect John is PAYING to put the class together and to give it to his competition! That along with spending time away from his children…

Now to put this on, the Halsteads have spent hours finding the location and ALTERNATE locations, arranging a rate, scheduling everything…but of course they got…well, no FINANCIAL compensation at all.

These people do it out of kindness and simple generosity of their heart. But there is a cure coming down for those who want free…one day you may have to pay $150 to attend this class. Just like EVERYWHERE else…

Get it while the getting is good…

Oh No!!! Someone going to be staying in the dog house… LoL

I was fine, right up to he said, “there is no new to act like a Dl@K” Apparently, there is. We counted the emails. He emailed twenty(20) times. He told me on the phone that he would not give up until he got what he wanted. He is not even a member of our chapter. :shock:


Downtown Melbourne, at the homeless shelter:twisted:

Nope, she is happy I made him go away.

Who are you speaking of?

She put the meeting together, she can do what ever she wants. Is that what you usually tell me?:stuck_out_tongue: