Note to fellow members

Some FLNachi guy, who by the way is near my area! He came to us when they would not do what he wanted.

You give more away than anyone I know. Even the other organizations know that.

Wow twenty email for 45$ .this guy most have sent a million email to internachi for the FL Pre-Licensing.

John just block his email and ph#. And don’t forget to give him the address to the homeless shelter because with his attitude he’s goin to need it

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You told him to sit down and shut up, right?:smiley:

Now that is funny!

Way to go John! I wish my husband would do things like that! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… He has his moments. Guess I’ll keep him! :smiley:

It’s OK Pilar your husband may suck but I met your boyfriend and he is a great guy!

I can see this will be a fun weekend…

I am pretty sure I’ll be leaving Jose Curevo at home…just to avoid any trouble!:mrgreen:

Right On, Russell!