Dear Inspectors

As many of you know there is a group of InterNACHI members who are the “doers”

Some Members of this group include but are not limited to:

John Shishilla, Richard Hyland, Zoe, Preston Halstead, Russ Hensel… and myself on occasion.

We (the above group) may not always agree on the path… but in the end… we all have in our heart the well being of the Florida Home Inspector.

What I have to say is this:

If you don’t like the way things are done, If you think you can do better, If you think things should be done differently. May I suggest you get off your A** and quit complaining. Do something yourself, get involved, open your own chapter and do it “your” way.

But to send *itchy emails to someone who is at the office at 8:00 at night working on something for fun for all Florida inspectors.




Someone is in trouble…

Wasn’t me :slight_smile:

I think that you all are doing a great job!

I have been doing inspections since 2008 and doing more each day.

This website is very informative and keeps me educated on a daily basis.

Thats to bad and I have no complaints and here to learn.

Im not from Fla, but I learn quick. Dont piss off Michelle… :slight_smile:

I learned that lesson a long time ago. :mrgreen:

HA HA HA… Very funny guys! :slight_smile:

Perhaps I shouldn’t be allowed near the computer after 8:00? LOL

You all are Awesome. THANK YOU.

Michelle, you put on one of the best conferences of the year and do it by yourself. If someone is giving you a hard time let me know and I’ll send the troops in to deal with them :smiley:

YOU THE BOMB DOMINIC!! I am so looking forward to seeing you and the rest of all our favorite people next weekend. :smiley:

We are going to have a great time!!! Where should we go Friday night for dinner at Universal City Walk? Margaritaville? Hard Rock? Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.?

The hard rock is OK. Margaritiville is fair and beware of the 9 dollar fruit punch disguised as a margarita! From other reports, just get the hat and move on from Bubba!

You guys have fun!


Don’t take it personally. Criticism, both warranted and Unwarranted, comes with leadership. Keep leading anyway.

Worth Repeating…

John, Michelle, Russ, Preston, (And many more as well).

All work tirelessly and uncompensated and many times self-funding. Very appreciative of all your efforts.


Michelle, I very sorry to hear this. Don’t let some looser bring you down.

Many of us appreciate all you, John & others have done and continue to do without compensation, for the betterment of our industry. Keep up the good work for our chapter and members. Don’t let the ‘haters’ get to you.

Can’t wait for Friday night coctails! Where the party going to be?

Keep up the good work…Thank you … Steve Taylor summed it all up ! :slight_smile:

There’s always one in every bunch. Step back from the puter and go have a nice glass of wine. Me, I have to finish writing reports. See ya Thursday:D

Any of them sound great to me!