Now accepting Best Defect Photos for February

Deck ledger board attachment to house. Amazing.

Good pic John.

Thanks :slight_smile:

sub panel with fuse box to knob and tube wiring, blacks connected to whites

Mike, at least a few years ago I saw one like that lined with asbestos, but had a wood door on it. :mrgreen::wink:

John, curious… got a couple more pics of that deck from further away?

This was a mobile home inspection in which there was no vented skirting just solid skirting. The water heater was releasing from the TPR valve that had a drain pipe going through the floor into the crawlspace where the steam was trapped. The entire frame was rusted out and 5 out of 15 cross-members had rusted till they had fallen out and the other 10 were completely rusted out as well. There were several places in which I was able to drive my awl through the main steel I-beams. Look closely at the pictures and you can see all of the cross-members drooping from excessive rust and ready to fall out as the others did. The mobile home was only 5 years old also.

Not surprising seeing it is parked on dirt.

Surprised that 5 years old it was not required to be installed on a slab with Tie-Downs and proper skirting, in New Hampshire. :slight_smile:

I have heard of filters being called bird catchers but mice catchers this is new to me! LOL

Highway 552 #419 Dec 19 2012 086.JPG

Who needs to buy plants when the house has them growing out of the walls? Would this be a defect or a selling point? :-k

Jack and the Bean Stalk??

Guess they didn’t throw the bean far enough EH? :wink:

Evidently not. :wink:

On the other hand I think the vegetation was helping to hold this place together.

Pity the one trying to clean those vines up to prevent any further damage. :slight_smile:

How about this? Homeowner did not want to “invest” in a proper Heating and AC duct work installation in his basement. He had a ton of packing boxes laying around, sooo…

Innovation at its best.

Diagonal sub flooring, sure brings back memories.

No pneumatic nail guns then. ;):slight_smile:

More of the deck pic.

Thanks for the pic’s. So this is a “free-standing” deck?

I usually refer to those filters as the .99 ones but that one is certainly worth more…

If it was a marijuana plant it may be a selling point to the right people…

It had tie downs but the tie down had rusted away as well and all of them no longer had the strapping… The anchors were still there but rusted out. Vented skirting is a requirement but somehow this was without the ventilation. Its really weird but it seems like only every other lot had a pad in this park. A good chunk of my report centered around this crawlspace.