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And we will start with this one here;

What happens when stupid people sweat pipes…
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**Cameron Anderson **
Bachelor of Architecture, U of I, Urbana IL
Illinois Licensed Inspector

I can do the flashing!

24 The Drive May 25 2012 038.JPG

Old telephone poles for beams. A little dry rot to boot.:mrgreen::mrgreen::shock::shock:

Greg, white pigmented shelac to rid of the creosote smell??:slight_smile:

That is exactly what i was thinking. The 50 year old daughter was there telling me how all the kids dug out the basement by hand and lugged the dirt through the door her dad made in the basement wall. The home is being torn down in the next couple of weeks!!!

Floor joists and floor boards were all covered with creosote, what a smell!

They ended up rebuilding the house.

Some fancy plumbing from yesterday’s inspection…

That is a smell I will never forget. As a kid working with my Father building retaining walls, I was the one brushing that stuff on the new wood before it got installed. Wow, add the heat of the sun and you got one good combination to burn your face and skin.
Of course we had face shields, respirators, and protective clothing.

Yeah, right. I don’t think so. :slight_smile:

Hey, that must be where you connect the dishwasher drain.


Wrong, you connect it here. :wink:

That’s a good one. :slight_smile:

Looks like PB piping also !:slight_smile: Also a strange place for a GFCI ?



Likely for a garbage disosal. Nice to see one that is actually GFCI. Most are not.

Here is something from last Thursday. Real Estate agent thought it could be tuck pointed and it would be fine.

Blame the power company for this one. This was a flip & power was on to the home. I called the power company & they arrived 20 minutes later to take care of it.

The GFCI was for the dishwasher.
I had unpluged it.:slight_smile:

These were taken today. One shows several rotted floor joists dripping wet in a crawlspace. The other is a sump pump / milk crate pit. I’ve seen milk crates used for many things but a sump pit?

Always an original Vince.

From earlier this week. Furnace flue was disconnected in the attic. The roof was replaced sometime during the past year. Estate sale???