Now accepting Defect Pictures for April

Let us see what you guys have found in the past month.

Accepting Best Defect Pictures for April.

Remember, just one submission per Member, but join in every month to win.


They paved around this heatpump, go figure…

Rafters? We don’t need no stinking rafters. (or clearance)

Good ones guys, Thanks. :slight_smile:

You guy have some weird looking heat pumps up there.:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a mini-split

I thought it was a window fan for a minute. :mrgreen:

4x4 floor joists cut and spliced with 2x4’s with a gap in between

“There used to be a moisture problem… Wait!, you’re going under there?”

Not that unusual, it was just funny the way the guy said it.

Make sure you walk through the middle of the kitchen - the house might tip over.

Amen and Happy Easter!

Everyone knows for proper support you need Campbell Soup Chunky style

What do you mean the gas meters is a bad location?

WOW … Great pictures love it thanks… Roy still looking for more

I’m not sure if this structure is meant to support a sod farm…


Perfect picture to submit for easter :smiley:

"Uh, Mr. Inspectorman, we’ve had a slight set-back since you were here last"! :shock:

(And no, Mr. Inspectorman was not advised of any “change orders” prior to arrival)! :frowning:



Dont you think we would see stains in the ceiling if the roof leaked?

Homeowner… I don’t know how it happened but the whole dam roof cracked

Cooley 052 (Small).JPG

Jeff, I know what I am looking at, but fail to see a Defect.

Looks like it will be a 3 story bldg.

Can you elaborate to explain the pictures.?:slight_smile: