Now That You've Had A Home Inspection book gets a new cover.

Over 500,000 copies sold… over 600,000 in print.

I see a spelling error. Fixing.

I do not like the brown. Needs to be a more positive color. I am not sure I like the angle either.

I with Gary on this one.

Agree with 2 prior post, perhaps Blue & White?


How about Gator colors - blue & gold?

oops, meant orange & blue

Yes, change the brown color. It looks like a cardboard box on it’s side. Right now, I still like the original better.


The “technical manual” look would be fine if the book was intended for RE business professionals, but it isn’t. The general public responds to “pretty pictures” and “colors”.


Nick I agree with the rest of the comments regarding the poor choice in colors. I do have a suggestion for you. Since it is Xx-Mas time aain how about another one of your great 1.60 sales ?? Can’t you just feel the Love.:wink:


Nick, the only reference to NACHI on the front cover will be covered when I put my sticker on it. You might want to put the logo on the front.

I prefer it the way it is, thank you. I want to promote MY business, not InterNachi so much. They get plenty of ‘Press’ on my websites and brochures and biz cards. This is one of the few “direct contacts” I get with my clients. It is all about (them) and ME!!!

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! :shock:


I couldn’t agree more, InterNACHI gets lots of play and press on my site, my business cards, my mailers and my truck signage… sometimes it’s important to represent yourself, your client and your business first. :mrgreen:

I think the new design looks pretty good… when will it be out?

Sometimes, change is good… I think the book was due for a make-over.

the back says “now you had a HI” the “that” is missing…

I agree, I don’t like the Brown. Blue would be good.

How about now…

Works for me. That’s my company colors! :wink:

I like it much better… very nice! My oldest daughter, married 7 years, after two miscarries had a little healthy 7lb11oz girl yesterday. Our first grandchild!