NRPP radon test help

Hey guys,
I’m going to be taking the test soon and I’m trying to find some good study help for the test as I’ve heard it is a bear. I have taken the NACHI radon course already. I’m guess I’m looking for some info on what to expect on the test. Any help is greatly appreciated.

study up on the chemistry, EPA radon guide stuff, and QA testing criteria for ALL devices. This is a bigger part of the test than I thought.

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Make sure you also take the advanced radon course… we have two radon courses in

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agreed! you need to know all the stuff in the advanced course, that’s what I used to study and pass. Admittedly I did not pass fist time out, as I took the class I tended to remember about my equipment, to get your NRPP cert you need to know it all.

Thanks guys!
Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy. I understand the need to know what radon is and where it comes from, but come on. That part should be maybe 10% of the testing and the other 90% should be testing methods and protocol.
Rant is now over.

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LOL, study up, what matters is that you pass the test.

Nick, quick question about the advance radon course.
Was this course developed with the NRPP test in mind? I guess what I’m asking is will this specifically help me with the test. I’ve searched for some kind of practice test to give some sort of an idea as to what expect. I can not find anything. I even call the NRPP and they have nothing. I find that concerning and disingenuous. I spoke with an inspector that recently took the test and his impression was they try and trick you with the questions, i.e. they phrase questions like “which answer is not necessarily true” or “which of these is most correct”.

Don’t read into, it, just read it all. IMO all the test stuff was in the advanced course.

Know ratios, chem formulas, conversions from Pci/L to WL, QA stuff, and protocol for both RE and regular. Just STUDY, the advanced iNACHI course has all you need.

Thanks Mike!

Yes. They worked with us for almost two years developing it before they would approve it. That’s how it ended up so big.

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Passed the test today! Thanks for all your help guys.
Nick, the courses really helped. Keep up the great work.


Good job Matt.

I just took the test and when I got home I looked for some answers I had to guess on during the exam. I found they came from the EPA publication Radon - A Physician’s Guide: The Health Threat With A Simple Solution so read that one in addition to the basic publications.

Take care;

Did you pass?

To be honest I got a 68 the first time because I had not done all of the reading. I retook the test, but only got an 85 the second time. My memory isn’t what it used to be! Ben, thanks for all the great InterNACHI stuff!!

I 1st took the 2.5 day class and EPA test at K-State College about early 1992. I was totally amazed how much crap they could put in a test that had next to nothing to do with what we really do.

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Every two years in Kansas, you have to take 8 hours of CE to recertify your termite license. How in the heck more can you learn about a freeking termite? An extermination owner with 40 years of termite extermination experience still had to take the course, to be recertified.

This all about the state getting fees from educational companies, and the educational companies taking HI’s to the cleaners.

Gary …

Same thing for asbestos license ONLY its every year.

I have had an asbestos license since 1993. We have the SAME 8 hr class EVERY year AND get the same 2" notebook; and take the same 50 question test.

After the 1st eleven notebooks I started giving them back … Don’t need 22 copies of the same thing. Licensing here is a waste.

Its like termite licensing in Missouri … I’ve seen home inspectors that are unlicensed as WDI inspectors do the termite inspection and use a drivers license number on reports. When you complain to the state we’re told they don’t have the man-power or $$$$$ in the law to enforce it. Go Figure.

I’m going to be scheduling the exam in the next few days. Did they provide any formulas that you need? Or were there any math problems that you really needed to have something memorized in order to solve?

I’m pretty confident in my understanding of everything in the InterNACHI Advanced class, but I don’t know how much to worry about memorizing formulas.