NY State HI Training


I am pleased to announce that fellow NACHI member Bill Smith and myself have agreed to teach a NYSDOS approved home inspection training program in association with the American Real Estate School (ARES) in New York.

See the following link for details … and the courses are very competitively priced.


The courses will follow the well established and proven sucessfull LIU/CW-Post and ITA programs (I am also an Adjunct Professor and assistant program director at LIU for thier Home Inspection and Construction Management programs), which have been in place well before licensing and required training … with the evolution of HI diploma mills … :roll: … came into being.

These courses are more than just satisfying minimum State licensing requirements … it’s about offering quality education at a reasonable cost.

I look forward to teaching the courses, and I am sure everyone will be more than thrilled with the excelent training they receive.

P.S. ARES has partnered with NACHI, and the training is NACHI APPROVED. In addition, students who graduate the ARES program will receive a one year NACHI membership FREE upon completion of the training.

Good Luck you guys !!!:smiley:


Thanks Mic - I’m looking forward to the course.

Rob - Nice work and an excellent post. Well worded!:slight_smile:

P.S. Thanks to Nick and Gerry for help with the partnering and approval, as well as the offer from Nick for the free one year NACHI membership extended to graduates of the ARES program … GO NACHI … :cool: