NYS home inspector exam

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I am a new member and about to take my nyc state exam. Tried to get my hands on everything I can study reason why I signed up in part. Any advice before taking the nys exam?

Any advice will be highly appreciated,

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In 15 minutes you realized there was nothing here to help you. Time to move on.

In Antonio’s defense, the sign-up date and time on the forum is not the same sign up date and time as the main website. I signed up on the site several weeks before I found I needed to sign up on the forums in order to be able to post here. In the meantime I was still doing the courses and browsing the visible forums without actually being signed up on the forums. It would probably be helpful if the main site profile and the forum profile were combined so one signs up for both simultaneously, but we have to live with the way things are for now.

From the forums I could see as only a site member, mainly the threads that each course points to there was a lot of “Starting this course” or “me too” posts, a lot of threads that had maxed out (10k posts limit on a thread) several years ago that could no longer be replied to, and a lot of questions that have never been answered, so I pretty much blew off the forums as a waste of time. It wasn’t until I actually signed up that I discovered a hidden gold-mine of information. A thick skin is a necessity however!

@jespinal2 I’ve recently taken the FL state exam. All I can say is take the InterNachi practice exam on this site till you are scoring in the mid-high 90’s consistently, review the SOP course (the State standards are a requirement and are almost word-for-word) and at least work through the WDO course. Don’t over-think it, and don’t second guess your answers and you will do just fine!

By the way, don’t take the final exam on the WDO course yet, just understand the content. Once you have your license, you can complete the exam as credits for “continuing education”. Shhh! I didn’t tell you that! :slight_smile:

Good luck to you!