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March 7
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[FONT=Calibri]Learners get ready; educators for the OAHI/CAHPI-ON 2015 Education Conference are raring to go.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri]Because it’s been a while since the last Ontario education conference, we figure inspectors are hungry for more knowledge. This year’s conference promises to deliver a smorgasbord of sessions from some of the industry’s leading experts.[/FONT]
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President’s Message

It appears that non members are not being penalized (charged more).

If I wasn’t so busy, I would attend.

We have taken 4 CAHPI and two NACHI Seminars .
Great information and much education .
I recommend if you get the chance to go and learn .
I was never sorry and always glad we did .
Wives usually get a reduced rate .
If you go please post and tells us all about it .

I attended, it was an excellent conference with a great variety of speakers. The lunch was addressed by Alan Carson who spoke out for the associations to stop the in fighting and get along …he was met with full agreement from the floor! The future for home inspectors is now!
Excellent conference and excellent learning experience! Thanks go out to Oahi/Cahpi

Thanks Scott for the report .
Glad you enjoyed it lets hope this is the start of a great cooperation .
I sure enjoyed all the conferences we attended big time …

Be great if this be is the start of Communications with our active Ontario associations .

Congratulations to the new OAHI executive .

Message from the President
I would like to introduce Your 2015 OAHI Board of Directors .Bob Brander -Director ,Don Beneteau -Director, Don Daley –Director , Gerald Horace –Director ,Rob Cornish-Vice –President ,Robert Simpson –Secretary ,Peter Weeks –Director and Myself ,Murray Parish –President .
We look forward to a Great year for OAHI and our Members.
For those that missed the 2015 Education Conference, Andrew Dixon and his Team delivered beyond expectations. Volunteers do make a difference to Your Association. For those of you that volunteered in the last few days, Thank you .For others wanting to volunteer, contact the Chair of the Committee, a Board Member, the Office or Myself .
Murray Parish
President of Ontario Association of Home Inspectors

It has already started to. There has been more positive communication between all the recgonisable Home Inspection representatives in Ontario over the last week than there has been in many years, if ever.

Wish I knew about it sooner, I think I would have tried to make it out

Hi Jay, maybe you can make it to the Ontarioachi AGM April 23rd in Niagara Falls! Huge announcements will be coming at that conference and deals from vendors and educational speakers will be spreading knowledge.

Stop the infighting? Sounds fantastic to me but OAHI needs to practice what they preach. I just lost an inspection 2 weeks ago because the client was informed by OAHI that since I was not “Registered” with them, I was not certified to perform an inspection in Ontario. She mentioned to them that my advertising stated InterNACHI Certified and they scoffed stating that it was only good in Colorado.

God bless her for researching her inspector but how can anyone trust this industry when pure lies are spread by these guys?

I left a very nice message to refute their BS and never received a call or email back.
Go figure.

I’ve lost a few inspections because of the same misinformation being tossed around…is it a coincidence or are the OAHI guys that do meetings with agents misinforming them and making them think that InterNACHI is a garbage institution compared to the high and mighty CAHPI and OAHI gods!?

There are some at OAHI who think they are it and there is nobody else… period. That is without question. I trust that OntarioACHI will help move that aside. Licensing, regardless of if you like it or not, it (licensing) may help in that regard. If one is licensed then it becomes essentially equal… and if it is done anything like Alberta & BC… then the equivalent of OntarioACHI and OAHI (in the respective provinces) are both on equal grounds in those two provinces. Let’s hope it gets better.

Having said that… although some OAHI members spew this … I doubt you will find anything official from the OAHI leaders in regards to them being superior or the only legitimate ones.

OAHI is still gleaming about some BS piece of literature that states only OAHI members can be called Registered.

I means nothing. But they promote it (after 20 years) of meaning that they are the only association recognized by the Ontario government. Talk about taking an inch and running a mile.

If only they’d spend more time on training their members (like InterNACHI) they may have something to be proud about. But seeing as the list of members is nearly nil these days, I don’t think they will ever get the point.

Oh well. Its nice to vent sometimes :slight_smile: