Two OAHI members have proposed motions for the OAHI AGM based on misinformation, misrepresentation and just plain false information. These vindictive motions attack CAHPI, the NCA and PHPIO. I have posted here a response issued by PHPIO providing powerful evidence of the errors in the motions.

Some oAHI members monitor this forum so I hope they read the entire document.

Bill Mullen


An Open letter to

OAHI/CAHPI Ontario Members

PHPIO and its members congratulate you on your upcoming Winter Educational Conference and Annual General Meeting. We encourage you to participate in both events to help build and form a direction for the future of OAHI/CAHPI Ontario.

PHPIO would like to clarify some issues that have been raised in ‘members motions’ because we feel there is some misunderstanding and perhaps even some misrepresentation concerning PHPIO, its goals and its reason to exist.

It is very important for people to fully understand PHPIO’s mission.


**PHPIO is committed to offering every home inspector in Ontario, regardless of their ****past or present affiliation, a clear path to the National Certification. PHPIO offers a **

**provincial voice to represent Ontario inspectors, guidance in their application for ****National Certification, individual voting rights for every member and a fair **representation of PHPIO values for every Ontario home inspector.

· PHPIO does not want to replace any other organization.
· PHPIO does not encourage inspectors to leave any other organization.
· PHPIO believes the future of our industry will rely heavily on the National Certification Program.
· PHPIO strongly encourages inspectors to participate in the National Certification Program.
· BC Licensing standards found the NCP to be a common denominator that allowed all inspectors a fair opportunity to become licensed, so future provincial licensing, including in Ontario, will likely be similar.


  1. Kirk Iredale, RHI

I make the motion that every year at the AGM after the review of CAHPI National for the past year(s?) that members vote to decide whether or not the OAHI should:
A) Do nothing and remain a member of CAHPI National.
B) Renegotiate terms, (dues and or adequate representation, etc.) with CAHPI National to Remain a member of CAHPI National.
C) Withdraw from CAHPI National.

Rationale: Aside from an excellent magazine and website which are not worth $175.00 annually plus the $50.00 head tax to attend the National Conference the only thing new that I have seen from CAHPI since June 2007 when they announced their 25th. anniversary, (Which according to Bill Mullen CAHPI was only created by the National Certification Initiative in 2001!), is a letter in which CAHPI endorses PHPIO!


CAHPI was formed in 2001 in response to calls to bring all inspectors and their associations across the country together under one umbrella. CAHI, which had been the national presence for Home Inspectors for about twenty or so years, became part of CAHPI because its own mandate had changed. The 25 years cited was the length of time there has been a national presence for Home Inspectors provided by and for the seven provincial groups.

The CAHPI NCP was used as a foundation for Home Inspector legislation in BC. Licensing would likely not have happened without the NCP option. Governments are not interested in giving one or two groups ‘exclusive’ rights to control an industry. The fact that any and all Canadian inspectors are welcome into the NCP whether or not they belong to an association gave the government an ‘inclusive’ option so they could also accredit CAHPI BC and BCIPI as accepted groups. That same thinking will likely help in Ontario and other provinces and save several years of debate.

· CAHPI has opened doors for National recognition by government agencies including CMHC, HRSDC, CSC, RCMP and others for a national group of inspectors under one unified CAHPI banner. This has encouraged these groups to recommend the hiring of inspectors from the provincial CAHPI organizations. For example:

o The CMHC publication ‘Hiring a Home Inspector’ clearly recommends National Certificate Holders and directs people to our provincial CAHPI organizations.

o CAHPI National is now working on a number of government funding requests, and some include extensive work in provincial jurisdictions which will be carried out in conjunction with the CAHPI group in that province. A large CAHPI NHCI (New Home Construction Inspection) Pilot Project worth almost $ 300,000 is scheduled to go ahead in Ontario in 2009 funded by various government agencies. It will be a good example of government, CAHPI and CAHPI Ontario working together for the membership, the industry, and consumers.

o Due to a good relationship with CMHC, CAHPI has been able to deter inroads by other rival associations that actually intend to displace CAHPI, most notably from the United States. As these groups have approached CMHC with requests for recognition, **CMHC has made it clear that they will deal with only CAHPI National because of the credibility CAHPI has earned for itself. **This relationship extends to the CAHPI regional groups but only as part of the National association, not on their own.

· CAHPI has created good working relationships with other national stakeholders including CREA, CHBA, CPBH, CBA. This has seen several key people from CREA, OREA, etc. attend many of our functions to see what and who we are and how we can inter-relate with them. Some provincial bodies have been able to use this connection which was created by the CAHPI leadership over several years to establish their own relationships at the provincial level.

· CAHPI initiated a series of stakeholder letters in 2007 which carried the CAHPI and the provincial association message to our national and provincial political leaders as well as other key people. This exposed the provincial associations and their members to hundreds of well-connected people who can help us move forward. CAHPI continues this media release initiative and will be sending out more promotional and information letters very soon.

· One of the most important “options” of belonging to your association within the national umbrella is often overlooked, and that is strength in numbers. In order for improvements to be made to our profession, it will take the strength of all of our human and financial resources. It makes no sense for every region to fight the same battles and expend their own limited resources.

On Mr. Iredale’s last point, neither CAHPI nor the CAHPI President have officially indicated support or endorsement of PHPIO, nor has it been sought. In the letter to which Mr. Iredale refers, the CAHPI President merely expressed pleasure that a group such as PHPIO had recognized the value of the high CAHPI standards. At no time did he promote, endorse or support PHPIO.

[FONT=Times New Roman]2) Terry Carson, RHI[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Resolved that the CAHPI and NCA boards be asked to pass a resolution stating[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]OAHI/ CAHPI -Ontario is affirmed as the sole member representing Ontario, and[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]excluding PHPIO from receiving any standing, recognition or benefit as long as[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]OAHI/ CAHPI-Ontario remains in good standing. In the event that CAHPI and NCA [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]fail to pass this resolution within 30 days, OAHI/ CAHPI-Ontario shall call a special [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]meeting within 45 days to consider whether OAHI/ CAHPI – Ontario should [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]withdraw from CAHPI.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Rationale:[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]OAHI was a founding member of CAHPI and our members currently contribute[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]approximately $90,000 per year through dues, which is half of the CAHPI budget.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]CAHPI also relies on the contribution from OAHI sponsored annual conferences[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]when held in Ontario… OAHI has also contributed to the national certification[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]program on the written understanding that we are the sole Ontario representative[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]for administering the NCA program and as the sole Ontario CAHPI representative.[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]This past September a number of CAHPI and NCA insiders who are also OAHI[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]members launched the competing PHPIO which is actively soliciting OAHI members [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]and attempting to replace OAHI as the sole CAHPI representative. CAHPI also [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]decided to operate NCA directly, as opposed to allowing it to become an [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]independent entity. The CAHPI President provided a written endorsement of PHPIO [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]in a December 2008 letter. This resolution seeks to have CAHPI make a choice, [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]either OAHI or PHPIO. Unless OAHI/CAHPI-Ontario receives assurance of past [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]commitments, the OAHI members need to decide whether to remain a member. A [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]number of other concerns remain including: CAHPI/ NCA operating as a competing [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]inspector certifying organization, a breach of the decision that NCA should be an [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]arm’s length entity rather than an appendage of CAHPI, whether OAHI and its [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman]members have suffered damages as a result of a breach of CAHPI and NCA’s written [/FONT][FONT=Cambria]commitments, and CAHPI/NCA financial accountability[/FONT]


**This motion and the rationale for it are both predicated on misinformation. **

PHPIO has not and does not actively solicit OAHI members to leave OAHI and join PHPIO. If OAHI members wish to join PHPIO they are welcome but are encouraged to maintain their membership in OAHI as well. Many OAHI members are also members of ASHI, and that does not seem to be a problem.

PHPIO has not, does not, and will not attempt to replace OAHI as the sole representative on CAHPI. PHPIO believes in the National Certification Program and has offered its resources to promote it and encourage and assist Ontario inspectors to achieve their national certification. OAHI has made the decision to not do this, so PHPIO is merely filling that unfortunate void.

  • OAHI has repeatedly made verbal and written agreements to promote CAHPI and the NCP and has not consistently done so.
  • The 2005-6 board continually blocked meaningful dialogue with CAHPI.
  • The 2006 board tried to undermine the NCP through unauthorized meetings with other inspectors (Calgary Document)
  • During 2006,2007,2008 OAHI leadership including Andrew Dixon, Alrek Meipoom, Terry Carson and others regularly discouraged new inspectors from investigating the National Program.
  • Up to very recently, when people called the OAHI office they were not made aware of the National Program and at times were discouraged from participating in it. This non-support could put the Home Inspection profession back 20 years, hence the need for PHPIO.
  • There are several inspectors who will not join or who have left OAHI in frustration because of poor and confusing communication and governance. (Fanshawe College as late as January 2009 did not understand the OAHI education requirements.)
  • PHPIO’s mission is to provide both OAHI members and the non aligned inspectors a clear path to National Certification and if we work together, a better chance to bring strong and meaningful licensing to Ontario.
  • PHPIO is not an attempt at an anti-OAHI coup, but rather a progressive alternative for the betterment of Ontario home inspectors which is part of the National Certification Program. Too many good people have worked for many years towards the National Initiative and still strongly support its mandate.
  • It has frequently been made very clear to CAHPI, the NCA and the provincial associations that the Government of Canada, CMHC, HRSDC and other stakeholders WILL NOT CONTINUE to support a fragmented industry – therefore the NCP is more vital than ever.

The following are some other notes that refute what Mr. Carson and Mr. Iredale have alleged.

Mr. Carson suggests some fault with CAHPI’s and the NCA’s ‘financial accountability’. CAHPI and the NCA have always provided current, accurate accounting of all of their projects and initiatives to provincial associations through their duly appointed representatives. If at any time OAHI has not received a scheduled financial statement or other paper, it has been because the OAHI reps have failed in their duty to share the information with their own OAHI Board of Directors.

Neither OAHI nor the RHI designation have jurisdiction over “all Ontario inspectors”. OAHI has around 400 practicing inspectors, but there are at least 2,000 active inspectors in Ontario, leaving a full 80% outside their control or jurisdiction.

  1. The RHI through Bill 158 gives OAHI no special authority over anyone but their own members. Even within OAHI, due to poorly written verbiage in Bill 158, there is evidence that any paid up member can legally call himself an RHI even though he may never have done even one inspection.

  2. Some in Ontario might not need the NCH designation, but then again, more than 1600 inspectors in Ontario are getting along well without the RHI as well. The NCH opens many doors for Home Inspectors that a limited, exclusive provincial designation cannot.

  3. The NCH is designed to complement and enhance the RHI designation and does so in all jurisdictions that support it and encourage their members to participate.

  4. The OAHI Board has often withheld membership dues that rightfully belong to CAHPI National. Sometimes it has taken a threat of legal action for CAHPI to get their money.

  5. There is no negotiating payment of CAHPI dues. OAHI never owns the money. These payment arrangements are clearly defined in the CAHPI bylaws which OAHI has agreed to and signed, after full discussions to ensure a full understanding of the intent and meaning of the document.

We thank you for the opportunity to clarify some misleading, misunderstood and erroneous issues and statements and we wish you all a successful AGM and a prosperous 2009. This response has been approved by the PHPIO Board of Directors:

Paul Wilson, PHPI, RHI, NCH President, Director
Wayne Fulton, PHPI, NCH Vice President, Director
Mike O’Grady, PHPI, RHI, NCH Secretary, Director
Bill Mullen, PHPI, RHI, NCH Treasurer, Director of External
and Government Relations, Director
Brian Callaghan, PHPI, RHI, NCH Registrar, Director
George Webb, PHPI, RHI, NCH Chair - Certification Council, Director
Claude Lawrenson, PHPI, RHI, NCH Senior Advisor, Director

I will be joining PHPIO soon Bill. I think you and the other directors are doing a great Job!! Besides, at less than $200 per year you can’t beat the cost of membership.

This is exactly the kind of infighting and destructive behavior that has divided this industry over the last ten years. And now we have the specter of a law suit in the background as these organizations fight over the corpse of the dead national. Clearly, with less than 10% of Canadian Home Inspectors involved after ten years and millions of dollars, and now this unseemly bickering, this national programme is irrelevant, dead and in need of new blood.

The ALLIANCE of Canadian Home Inspectors has been asked to become involved. But rest assured, that if that should come to pass this mess of back stabbing, attack, destruction and law suits will be cleared up first. Canadian Inspectors deserve better.

There is a better way.


Wow, I’m going to try to count all the acronyms in this one post just for laughs:

  1. OAHI
  2. CAHPI
  3. NCA
  4. NCH
  5. NCP
  6. PHPIO
  7. RHI
  8. PHPI
  9. ASHI
  10. CMHC
  11. HRSCD
  12. CSC
  13. BCIPI
  14. RCMP
  15. CREA
  16. CHBA
  17. CPBH
  18. CBA
  19. NHCI

It’s like a circle jerk around a bowl of alphabet soup.

Face facts, there is only one mega-association in Canada… InterNACHI.

P.S. Whatever happened to OAHPI ?

After leaving Mayberry, he played Richie Cunningham on “Happy Days” and is now a major movie director.

Almost as many as…logos that can be bought here!!

Big difference Brian. Our www.nachi.org/logos.htm are meaningful, free, provide value for inspectors, and will still be here next week.

Works great for Roy’s Home Inspection , Three Home Inspectors all CMIs


What I find hard to understand is why an organization that is a splintered organization has to use InterNACHI’s web site to get their message out.
How many of you think they would allow us to go on their web site and troll for support to get rid of them as this message is trying to do to us.

Why should the release of false information stop an organization from spreading more BS?

Notice the date of the original post, and consider how things have changed.

Sometimes its hard to keep up with the current state of change.


Nick , you scored a 100% again . What can anyone say that’s better than that . And you are 100% right . IMO:D:D:D

Nick , you scored a 100% again . What can anyone say that’s better than that . And you are 100% right . IMO

Vern , your right and it’ll never work !

Claude shame on you comming here to tell us that .
The NCA and its group have for many years done exactly just what you said .
None stop it has happened and still they do not give out any facts .
I have to say you are well educated and do a great job with words .
But fortunatly most good home inspectors see through the smoke and mirrors .
Please keep it up I enjoy the chuckles you give me.

Allan please never relax ,this group will stop at nothing to try and get their own way .
I have known and seen how they operate for over ten years .
Smooth and have the ability to get many to trust them.
They will cut loose those who do not follow their ways instantly when the no longer are needed .

Yes , like Vern says , how come they use other peoples messege boards .
Don’t they have thier own ?;):D:D

Paranoia strikes deep,
Into your heart it will creep.
It happens when you’re always afraid

They do and they get used very little OAHI and PHPIC and are closed to non members.

Here are two Open to all Canadian sites .
You will find many who are extremly jealous of NACHI other non NCA home inspectors get attacked by some.
I am sure you have seen them here Too.
They come to these sites to find information to try and use against NACHI and others.



Have you ever wondered why these boards are completely open and free to the public with a free test to become an HI?

Pray that you’re not going to be one of the 90%'ers…Nick really,really needs these to keep the merry-go-round turning. Without the overload of wannabe’s, this place would not survive in its current form!!

ps: Just noticed the “Roy and The Brian Stalk” show is on again!

Roy my point was related to:

CAHPI claimed ownership of the National Certification Program. We now know and have verified they (CAHPI), do not own it. We know who holds that ownership, it is not CAHPI, National or even provincial.

So anything claimed based on the assumption that CAHPI held ownership of the National Certification Program, is deemed bogus, or in other words BS. But than again failure to allow people to tlak about the truth, perhaps feeds certain agendas.

In more words - things have changed, and to state that something is true, when it is not - is called - at best misinformation.

Regarding Vern’s post, I respect his opinion, and I agree - why flog other association’s “stuff” here? Perhaps another way to look at it, is than, why do some NACHI members choose to make points by posting it here, to begin with? Some thoughts come to mind, so I will leave it in my head, rather than posting and wasting peoples time here.

Regards, Claude