Obama vs McCain

Obama vs McCain poll.

Where is it?

Where’s the “None of the Above” selection?

I voted for Obama because he is not John McCain.

I am voting for Bob Barr because he is not John McCain or Barack Obama.

I am voting for Obama because he is most like Dr. Ron Paul. :smiley:


Better check in with headquarters.
And here

Why Joe Burkeson bailed on Ron PaulIMHO;-)

Mikey, I never bailed on him, I voted for Dr. Ron Paul in the primary election (and would vote for him today were he the Republican candidate), the people did not choose him to represent my party, I respected that and moved on to my second choice Obama.

I already vote for Obama once this year.

I won’t be voting for him again. :wink:

I had nothing to do with the Democratic choice for president, here in Florida during the Primaries you can only vote within your declared party, so being a registered Republican it would have been impossible for me to vote for any of the Democratic candidates. I was happy to cast my vote for the one true conservative candidate running… Dr. Ron Paul. :wink:

We have open primaries in WI. Neat huh?

Voting is the whole problem, if we keep voting, these idiots will keep getting elected.
Everyone should stop voting immediately!




You’re kidding right?

Shhhh, Joey has convinced himself that Obama is Ron Paul in disguise.
Have you ever seen them together?
Well have ya?

I support a check box for “None of the Above”

It should always be a choice for any political contest.

You’re kidding right?

Far from it. It’s our fault - we let this get out of hand - and we’re the only ones who can fix it.
There is no such thing as a good government, they don’t represent you, they don’t care about you. Don’t fool yourself into thinking they do.

Andrew, even if we all quit, the candidate with the biggest family would win!

Wouldn’t have changed my vote, but my wife would have voted for Hillary.

It’s a regular baby factory over at Palin’s house!
Advantage - McCain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. Check out the electoral