Obama Waffles



What kind of syrup do you use…LOL…

*RED *Maple :mrgreen:

Are they served at the diner on the other side of the Bridge to Nowhere?


That must be a potent recipe if John Kerry endorses it … :shock:

Very entertaining liberal propaganda. I love how they threw in the off-the-topic terms NRA, Creationist and “Antiabortionist” (makes Pro-Life sound kind of creepy, doesn’t it?).

I guess her blanket support statement for all infrastructure projects equates to direct support for the specific project. Certainly it couldn’t have been a Biden-like gaffe during her first year as governor or an Obama-like rookie mistake.

Do you lefties ever tire of throwing your rocks?

The same bridge to no where that Sarah supported in the beginning was also supported
and voted for by Obama and Biden. Later, Congress determined it was not worth it
and Sarah killed the bridge deal in Alaska as well.

If Obama and Biden voted for it, then it sounds hypocritical to bash Sarah for it.
Which one of us has not adjusted a business decision once we saw a greater way.?
Is this the best they can come up with?

BTW… Joe dispises Obama on several issues and he knows it. :slight_smile:

Yep. :roll: