You better wake up and pay attention...

people! The warning signs are everywhere, if you believe it is just coincidence, then you need to quit wasting your time as inspectors and go to Vegas! LOOK AT THE CLUES, THEN PUT THEM TOGETHER! OPEN your eyes!

This is as credible as the stuff from the left wing kooks at the Daily Kos.:(:frowning:

Shame on you.

Michael, you had better take a better look, it is not the opinions expressed that matters, look at the evidence. The pictures, videos and interviews, they are not made up. Listen to what Obama said, then Wright, then Obama again. I know you are hung up on the issues and his voting record, but all of that means nothing if the one making the promises is not who he says he is.

Ken, I am only reacting to the inference that Obama is a Muslim.

That is simply an unproven and unsubstantiated rumor.

Has Obama been totally forthcoming. NO.

Should we be attacking anyone for there religion. No again.

We still have freedom of religion in this country.

Are you suggesting it would be O K to have a Muslim president? The last time I checked, this country was founded on Christian beliefs. Personally, it makes a difference what religious beliefs Obama holds. it should be a concern of yours as well.

When will more people admit that neither candidate is fit for office? We need to be positioning ourselves to find a viable candidate and elect him in 2012…and restrengthen our party for 2010 congressional elections.

I’ve about said all I can really say until the day after the election. I know who I am voting for…and why. We will all make that decision, individually, regardless of what is smeared on this message board.

Perhaps it’s time to reflect before we continue with more dialogue (or, in some cases, monologue).

You don’t seem to get it.

If a candidate succeeds in getting 273 electoral votes he/she becomes president.

If you disqualify one religion, which one is next?

Now do I think if a candidate identified himself as a muslin could he be elected. Probably not. But that would be because people think that would by necessity affect how he governs.

I remember when JFK’s Catholic religion was used against him claiming he would be beholding to the pope.

It was wrong then and it is wrong now.

Check again.

Many of the early settlers were, indeed, Christians…but fled to this land as a result of religious persecution they experienced in Europe. It was for this reason that their descendants, who later formed the government, were careful to distinguish between church and state to preclude any future citizens from being persecuted for their religious beliefs, no matter what they were.

Recent historical revisionists would have us believe that our founders were Christians who wanted our country to be a Christian nation. In order to reach this false conclusion, they had to ignore the fact that George Washington was a Freemason who worshiped a “Supreme Being” and that Thomas Jefferson had actually re-written the New Testament by extracting every divine act of Jesus Christ, making him totally human with no claim to his divine nature.

These were two of our first three presidents whose opinions, views and priorities were representative of the majority of land owning men (at that time) who put them in office.

None of them sought or attempted to place any one religious belief as “chief” among those that existed at that time.

Jim, I think you need to look again. One single point is that of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, 54 were Christians who were very active in their church. You statement about the fact that none of them sought or attempted to place any one religious belief as "chief, is correct. However, that which is often overlooked, is that the religious belief that they were referring to was actually denominational. They didn’t want one denomination to be chief, as was the case with the Church of England. They didn’t want the “state” (nation) to declare a single denomination. For example they didn’t want a “baptist” or a “catholic” or “prespreterian” government.

Another interesting fact is that at the time, several states did have “state” denominations set in their constitutions (all of them Christian). Those state constitutions were all modified at some point in time after the United States came to be.

The nation was clearly founded on Christian beliefs and principles. Thet freedom of religion is now and has always been extended to all faiths, not just denominations.

It’s also clear that the “seperation” of church and state was to keep the state out of the church, not the other way around. This is also reinforced by the fact that (I believe) the first law (if not the first then one of the first) ever past was to establish a chaplin for congress, and to open the session with prayer.

He is not going by his real name. He is not being truthful about where he was born. He said Wright is his spiritual mentor. Wright said he is lead by Liberation Theology. Wright’s mentor or his inspiration is Dr. Cone. Dr. Cone teaches Black Liberation Theology in his books. Dr. Cone quotes Che in his book. Obama has a large picture of Che in his Campaign Headquarters. Obama has an Islamic father. Obama went to a Muslim school in Indonesia. Obama claims to be a Christian. Reverand Wright claims to be a Christian. Reverend Wright’s mentor says blacks need to kill the white mans God. Reverend Wright presented Louis Farrakhan a Man of the Year award. Louis Farrakhan says he is Jesus Christ. Reverend Wright teaches that Jesus Christ is a black man. So if Obama was raised to be a Muslim, and has now converted to Christianity, why are the Muslims now endorsing Obama. Almost every time someone abandons the Islamic faith, they have to go into hiding, to keep from being killed. They behead people in the Middle East for it. Why would Obama be the exception? Especially since he is an American Politician, who they hate with a passion, why the silence on Obama? Why would the Muslims allow such a high profile defection from their ranks, don’t you think they would be afraid it might cause a mass defection from Islam? Wouldn’t they at least be slamming him on T.V. every chance they got, especially on the Al Jazeera network? The silence is deafening! What is the best way to overcome your enemy? Answer, From the inside. What would be the best way to overcome America? Answer, To be elected leader. What would be the best way to accomplish this? Answer, The youth. Why the youth? Answer, They are not wise to the ways of the world yet, they will follow anything that is popular at the time, all you have to do is get them started, and they will take over from there and run with the ball. Did you notice the difference between the conventions? DNC, absolutely full with youth. RNC absolutely full with Old. The scariest part of the whole thing is, if the older Americans can’t see through the smoke screen, how in the world can we expect the youth too? Look at his associates, listen to his words, understand their agenda, Dam the issues, none of that will matter, if we allow his group to get in power.

Some is most certainly credible in this video if not more than just some Michael! I personally remember some of these words coming directly out of his mouth! I can’t speak for all of it however! One can’t dismiss this video as fiction. Because the dude is trying to get the keys to our country gives us every right to see what comes out of his mouth! No?

As I stated, the Christians (and others) who formed the country were careful to avoid adopting any one single religion above others. They were descendants of (and some were individually) victims of religious persecutions and fled here to avoid it. They, in their wisdom, created an environment where no single religious belief would be any higher or lower regarded than others so as to preserve the unity of the citizens and to avoid future persecutions.

100% Correct. No matter how one defines “religion”.

The day we allow a Muslim President, is the day America will die. It is impossible to be a true Muslim and be a true American at the same time. They are at odds with each other at he foundation. One is about freedom of the individual, the other is about submission of the masses.

Please refer to my Post #4

You speak in absolutes, Ken, on a subject that has no absolutes.

Politics is about compromise.

“The day we allow a ______ President, is the day America will die.”

a. abolitionist? (Said by leaders of southern states in 1859)
b. black? (Said by the Grand Dragon of the KKK)
c. woman? (Said by the majority of men as recently as 1980)
d. Catholic? (Said by opponents to JFK in 1959).
e. conservative? (Said by supporters of LBJ in his run against Goldwater in 1964)

The list goes on.

Duh! Sorry Michael! Just trying to get caught up on on the stuff since I am back at the office! Too many threads about the same thing! Hard to keep up! All apologies:)

James… you are mislead.

George Washington said the following…

“What students would learn in American schools above all is the religion of Jesus Christ.”

 "It is impossible to rightly govern the world   without God and Bible."

A Portion of George Washington’s personal prayers:
“O Most Glorious God, in Jesus Christ, my merciful and loving Father; I acknowledge and confess my guilt in the weak and imperfect performance of the duties of this day. I have called on Thee for pardon and forgiveness of my sins, but so coldly and carelessly that my prayers are become my sin, and they stand in need of pardon.”
“ I have sinned against heaven and before Thee in thought, word, and deed. I have contemned Thy majesty and holy laws. I have likewise sinned by omitting what I ought to have done and committing what I ought not. I have rebelled against the light, despising Thy mercies and judgment, and broken my vows and promise. I have neglected the better things. My iniquities are multiplied and my sins are very great. I confess them, O Lord, with shame and sorrow, detestation and loathing and desire to be vile in my own eyes as I have rendered myself vile in Thine. I humbly beseech Thee to be merciful to me in the free pardon of my sins for the sake of Thy dear Son and** only Savior Jesus Christ** who came to call not the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Thou gavest Thy Son to die for me.”
“Make me to know what is acceptable in Thy sight, and therein to delight, open the eyes of my understanding, and help me thoroughly to examine myself concerning my knowledge, faith, and repentance, increase my faith, and direct me to the true object, Jesus Christ the Way, the Truth, and the Life, …”

   [size=2][from a 24 page authentic handwritten manuscript book dated       April 21-23, 1752]

[/size]Thomas Jefferson

“The     doctrines of Jesus are simple, and tend to all the happiness of man.” 

“Of all the systems of morality, ancient or modern which have come under my observation, none appears to me so pure as that of Jesus.”
“I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus.” [Letter to Benjamin Rush April 21, 1803]

 “God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of       a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis,       a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift       from God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I       tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice       cannot sleep forever.”* [Notes on the State of Virginia, 1781]*

 “It [the Bible] is a document in proof that I am a real Christian,       that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus." 
  *[Jan 9, 1816 Letter to Charles Thomson]*

The founders spoke against the system of oppression in the name of the church, but promoted the teachings of Christ and moral excellence of the Bible. This is without question.

Didn’t we already have this argument over the founding of the country?

Somebody find that thread and we can all save a lot of typing;-)

No, John. You (and other revisionists) have selected handfuls of political quotes from some of these folks and applied them to your pre-determied position.

Our founders purposefully formed a government that would favor no religion over another. Period.