October 1st deadline for Employers to send out health insurance notices.

Whether you offer health insurance or not, employers have until Oct. 1 to send workers a notice about the new health insurance marketplaces that are being established under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

If anyone needs copies of the letters here you go.

Here goes the economy :frowning:

F-king idiots that voted for Obama will now see what is about to happen.

Just imagine what would you do as a mega business owner. CUt everyone to part time of just pay up.

I have been seaching around a lot and talking to a ton of folks in many industries and GUESS WHAT?

They ALL say their COMPANIES are cutting ALL to part time. ANY FOOLS wonder why?

Thanks again idiots that voted for that shucking and jiving fool.

IT IS ABOUT TO GET WAY WORSE out there I hope you all are ready… I know I am screwed.

Well said!!!

It is the children who will suffer. Most corporations are dropping family coverage. Now, the wife and their children will all have to get separate policies. This happened to a friend, who is a truck/delivery driver. He gets continuing coverage for himself, at the same rate he has been paying for his family policy. Now he has been looking for extended family coverage, and $1,200 per month.

Wow, Mr. Government: what a savings. Morons.