Offering/Upselling third party ancillary services

Hello all, I have been in business almost a year in South Carolina. I’m thinking about offering third party ancillary services such as WDO Inspections. Being new to this I’m unsure how to go about it. I have connections with a couple reputable pest companies and their willing to partner with me to do the inspections. I would like to know more about the logistics of it, as well as, to upsell the service or not? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome Jesse!

I am not sure how SC works, but here in GA, WDO inspections have to be done by a licensed pest control inspector. With that said, the vast majority of WDO inspections are arranged as a separate inspection by the RE agents and have nothing to do with the HI.

Not that it couldn’t be done as you stated in a 3rd party transaction, but do you want to take on the liability of the recommendation? Should the 3rd party miss something crucial, could recommending them come back to haunt you? I don’t know, but something to think about.

However, if you include them within your inspection, you best check with your insurer and attorney regarding liability.


I agree with Thomas. I don’t like being the middle man in a 3rd party transaction, even when there are some crumbs in it for me. If your contractor messes up, it’s your name getting slandered. Either offer the service yourself or stay out of it is my motto.


Agree with the above posts, but here’s the bottom line for me… it just isn’t worth it to get involved. Too much work for too little return. Refer it out, and let them deal with it.

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If you want to offer additional services just Get licensed and certified to do it yourself.
I have my 7B pest control license in Missouri where I am. its not too hard, Just needed to take 2 state tests. then apply for the license. All money from it goes into my pocket.

I sub out all my pest inspections. If I didn’t offer pest inspections, my business would be half what it is. People & realtors want one stop shopping. The most popular order is home inspection and pest inspection. Radon after that. My pest inspector guarantees to be at the property to do the pest inspection the same day/time as the home inspection. Clients and realtors both like that. I don’t charge one cent for the service. It enhances my business, and gets me more inspections on the spot. The client can order their own if desired. In fact, I have recommended another inspection company in my area that discounts the inspection for local properties to save the customer money…it’s their choice. The company I use is licensed and insured. My pest inspection contract, which requires a client signature, discloses the name and contact information of the pest company they have chosen to order through my company. IMO, offering an essential service like pest inspections, is very important. If you don’t, the client will call the next guy who offers to provide both services with one call.

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I send email notification to the pest company when everything is confirmed. The licensed pest company schedules their time to be at the home the same day/time as the home inspection.