Office Depot

Be careful if you go to Office Depot

  • S. 8TH ST. & MORENO ST.
  • Store# 456
    I went there last week for some office supplies. They didnt have what i needed so i left and went back to my office. About 1 hr. later i get a phone call. Its the Police. They said they are at my front door and would like to speak to me and that i should open the door. I told them that i wasn’t at home that i was in the office at the second driveway. Next thing i know here are 2 officers with hands on there guns saying we would like to ask you some questions. OK!! It turns out that office depot alarms went off around the same time i left the store. The police stated that since i had long hair and did not purchase anything i must have been the one that stolen something and set off the alarm. Needless to say i will not be using office depot for office supplies.

Crazy stuff Henry. That same kind of thing happened to a friend of mine getting gas. Seems the guy on the opposite side of the pump was filling up using a stolen credit card at the same time. A few hours later the police were at my buddies door step ready to arrest him. The pump camera’s took a photo of his license plate when he was leaving the station. He showed them his legitimate receipt to the cops and they left.

They think you are hiding it in the DWV:

***Damn Hippies :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: ***

Shop uptown


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Hay I got a hair cut in Dec. of 1980 when i got out of the military. :shock::shock:

Now thats a great educational video. I dont think he needs a hair cut. :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I just watched the video. Forget the long hair…that’s not a crime, but his ugliness is!!:wink:

Just kidding
You can do colonoscopies with that camera.