OHIB update 10/28/2019

Supt. Petit is encouraging everyone who can qualify or wishes to be grandfathered, to apply before the NEW Jan. 10 2020 deadline.

All board members have been seated.

Everything else appears to remain the same.

No SOP - date unknown

No special permission has been given to home inspectors to offer opinions on the inside of electrical panels. (RC 3783 still applies)

State Fire Marshal spoke about adding something to the SOP regarding testing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide testers. SFM was asked to present a suggestion for the SOP. No changes to pending SOP.

One denial was reversed and approved.

No courses have been or will be approved until the rules are in effect. Same for instructors.

No word for NEW home inspectors on getting licensed. Good luck trying to build a business without a license.

Bottom line. Business as usual unless you choose to follow the ORC as written.

which denial was reversed and approved?

Even though it was a public meeting - I wish to let that individual’s ID remain private.