Older Carrier Age

I need help with age and size of this Carrier condensing unit.

Model 38EE005300
Serial D74225

2 1/2 ton?

It is April 1974, but the 005 indicates that it is a 5-ton unit.

Russel, are you sure about 5 ton? I was looking at the 005 indicating it was a 4 ton unit. My notes also indicate it was April of 77 (D7).

Hey, Mark. Yes, it’s April 1977 as you note. Thanks for following up.

For tons, on that type of serial number, if there is a zero in the sixth slot, then it’s tons. If there is any number other than a zero in the sixth slot, then it’s MBTU. So with the zero in the sixth slot, the 5 means 5 tons.

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I’m pretty sure that the 38EE005 is a 4ton 1st generation aluminum coil Condenser. I installed a boat load of those units in the 70’s along with it’s sister unit 38SE series in my day and the aluminum coils were a nightmare. The repair kits were usless, and just try finding someone capable of field soldering aluminum fittings.