Omni Basement Systems $20,000 interior system

Says, for about $3,000 you can get a ‘partial’ system’ lololol.
$20,000 for this junk here, block wall…and lady, this isn’t ‘waterproofing’
Jesus, ‘COVERING the wall’…aka hiding the wall and allowing further water to enter and run into a stooopid interior system is NOT ‘waterproofing’.
THEY did not ‘stop’ the water from entering, from where its still entering.

Efflorescence, mold and these terds don’t STOP the water and COVER the wall(s).
And $20,000? lol Where’s are the do-goody-pumpers of inside system who say,claim they are ‘alot cheaper’ and other bullshttt.

Then near the end where Lisa-Lisa yaps about paint n shttt, this guy says, “If you want this basement DRY you gotta drain that water away”…aka install the one thing they do,inside system. The water is AGAIN, entering the blocks THROUGH openings/cracks on the OUTSIDE.

Well??? :mrgreen:

$20,000 ish for an interior system, LOLOL!

Where’s the one’s who often claim, Oh jesus…exterior waterproofing is too costly and all the other nonsense. And THEY still didn’t stop the friggin water from where its actually first-entering,nope.Got milk?

Hell, if their selling, why not join the crowd, sell um an inside system for $25,000.00…maybe their not happy unless they spend 20-30K to divert water into a hole and then pump it back outside directly next to the foundation, they can scream with joy…LOOKie LooKie Marvin…da water is pumpin like cRaZy in circles…Yahoo…!!!

Maybe we’re missing the boat…:lol:

Dale, loloLOLOL.

My guys brought this up several times lolol.
They’re like, hey Uncle Mark, fc um…these people don’t give a shttt about you man and obviously very few understand or believe you because…most are hiring these inside system terds!!!

And the building departments don’t care, don’t ‘get-it’ either so, why not.
Just like John McEwen says in his article :wink:

Tell ya, they,you sir…have a point. :wink:

I just cannot do it, don’t have the heart, i like being able to sleep in peace every g dang night eh, even though in this-business that means you’ve made little money versus these inside system ripoffs.

What’s right is, right. What’s best for the wall, for mold, for efflorescence etc is whats best. Just the way my dumb az was taught…don’t fc people.

How can one go over to people’s homes, like THIS(link) and look them in the face, knowing they are out of work,have family etc and screw them, misrepresent their problems and instead sell them the one shtty incompetent thing they do? <–VIDEO
Hear what Patrick Chesbrough was told, went through and later, a couple,Scott Bryson n Mrs, who bought a house that SUPPOSEDLY had one of those warm-sounding LIFETIME WARRANTIES from duh-terdball-company. Basement still leaking and ummmm…CRUMBLING WALLS

Buy precious metals…not an inside system…:stuck_out_tongue:

LoloLLLooll! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehawwwwwwww.
What r these for? #-o#-o#-o

lolol…:15 video, forgot…Omni-dork incompetently says,"Can you stop water…no you can’t’…LOL!
Eh Omni-scam, a few of us have ben STOPPING water for 30+++ years!!!

So this terd is an honest expert? pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft