Thermal always tells a better story..

Than some silly pic of your hand and a moisture meter. :smiley:



There’s no argument about that! Nice examples for sure! Looks like you caught the IR bug here recently:D

You ever do any deer hunting in TN? I’ve always wanted to go back home to Mississippi for some infrared deer hunting. Deer season here in Utah is literally a joke only being a week long and especially having to win a lottery to even get a tag. You could be the big buck master of TN using that IR camera.

I’m thinking of doing some part time infrared coyote hunting for my beer money. Here in Utah they offer $50 head for coyotes and you can hunt them at night, or atleast I can hunt them at night because I have infrared superman vision.

What did you report…
and how did you report it?
what recommendations did you make?