One Ladder or Two?

LOL… I need a pair of those!


After careful consideration, nothing but a Pierce Ladder will do:

Seriously, I’m going to start with a 15’ Xtend and Climb and binoculars and add bigger ladders/drone if necessary.

It came in handy at this house the other day :slight_smile:

I seriously though about this one…

I’ll bet it gets great mileage.

Yeah, and I bet the boom is certified too…

I have a 20’ extension, 12’ custom extension and a 6’ A-frame
There are times when I cannot safely access the roof for one reason or another and it bothers me and a drone sounds like a great addition.

I use the LG 22 ft , the 17 ft xtend&climb. I use whatever is easier and safer mostly the LG outside and the telescoping ladder inside.

28’ little giant sumo stance, little giant 17’ conquest and 13’ gorilla on the van everyday.

That Sumo is about $750. Wow.

I have wondered about this, I have quite the collection of ladders at this point, LOL…all Werners have a 40 ft aluminum type 1 , a 24 and 28 fiberglass type 1a, a 20 ft aluminum type 2…then a 12 foot a frame type 1a, 2-8 ft a frame type 1,2-6 foot a frame type 1, and two 4 foot a frames type 1…and to top it off 2 17 foot little giant ladders…maybe I should just start a ladder rental business

You need LA. Ladders Anonymous.

Worth every penny, especially when I do not fall.

I carry 3 ladders and with a combination of these three I never felt the need of more ladders.

  • a 24 ft extension ladder, for exterior use.
  • a little giant M22 for hard to reach areas iinside the house, reach attics in high ceiling garages etc
  • a 6 ft step ladder.