Ontario Home Inspectors

Please if possible see w5 on CTV . Oct First

On line for Canadians http://www.ctv.ca/W5/Video/S51E2-W5-Energy-Trap--Swatting-vid957396

The Ontario Government want’s to license Home Inspectors and does nothing to stop these bandits .

Watch w5 tonight at 7:00 pm for sure if possible .

And the Ontario Governmentfeels they need to license home Inspectors

Good catch Roy. Full details here:

We had someone knock on our door for the same thing and we have had several phone calls too.

I just tell them to go away. Kevin Newman might have suggested that at the end of the piece in addition to the advise he offered.


They have been all over Edmonton as well, always ON based companies, I have had at least 6 come to my door this summer, once two on the same day. Depending on my mood I either laugh at them or suggest they try sex and travel. Most of them look more like someone you would want to call the cops about than some one you would let into your house. I let one do his pitch so I could find out what the deal was. IMO you would have to be as dumb as a Trump (or the late Rob Ford, RIP) voter to fall for their scam.

So sad to see what they do to some home owners .
And our Governments do nothing about them .
They got a friend of mine and sold her a Water heater she did not need .

Strange to see our governments are sure after the home Inspection industry .

What about a public apology from you for my Wife! You still haven’t admitted you falsely accused her.