Oooeer! That shouldn’t be like that :slight_smile:

Interesting place to site an electrical panel receptacle.

Is this better

LOL, the orientation is, Thanks Roy.

You didn’t fix the service conduit though. :smiley:

Color blind or ran out of red and white electrical tape?




Why you should open drop ceiling tiles (carefully) to check above.

Wiring not secured correctly, no grommets to the light fitting wiring against the sub floor (possible nail penetration for future floor changes) Simple fix.

It’s always nice when they neatly coil up the extra wire right?

Everyone loves pot lights in the attic. I wish they would stop making them like a treat box to get the wires out, though… Hopefully they at least recycles the strap metal.

Junction box… we don’t need no stinkin’ junction box. Cuz we used electrical tape.
Hopefully it’s Tommy Tape (look at the 6:10 mark)

Hey, at least they used electrical tape on a plastic fitting! Saves on having to connect the ground wire :smiley: