Oops this post was an accident

Oops somehow I posted this by accident. I don’t see how to delete it, and I’m writing a report right now. Please don’t feel obliged to respond. Apologies.

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Do you have pics?


Im not really sure where that post came from. Must have been an old draft. But I do have a pending question about Condensor and Fuse Size that I did mean to post.

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No problem.

Oops, this response was an accident. My fingers just starting typing, and I couldnt figure out how to stop… :wink:


I suspect someone will be needing this…!!


I’ll have the paperwork on your desk tomorrow, Jeffery. Just sent the report, gotta go cry into my beer now for a few hours before I can face you guys digitally again. My emotions are overflowing. :violin: :face_holding_back_tears:


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Hugh Austin Jones — their last post was 8 months ago.

Just dont wait another 8 months!
And just so you know, We have no idea what the original post was about anymore, since you changed the title…


It was a half thought about galvanized pipes that I likely had about 8 months ago, hahaha.

I don’t even know what it was about honestly. I obviously started typing, then went and found the answer like a big boy, and somehow saved the draft.

I changed it to this because I thought I had posted in the emergency forum, didn’t know how to delete, didn’t want to clog up the works for folks who had real emergency questions (like myself), and had more pressing issues on my plate than saving face here.

Now its kinda funny, so I’ll just let it hang. I’ll try not to wait 8 months to post again, lol.


So how’d that work out for ya?
Just turned into a bigger CF by trying to hide the post.
Next time, just let it be for what it is. You’d be surprised how your original post may have actually helped someone with the same or similar issue.


I suppose it worked out alright. “Hiding” it is a bit of a stretch, I’d prefer “officially redacted”. At least now folks know we’re all just wasting time in this thread.

It really was a half thought: “How do y’all feel about galvanized…”

Also, by that logic I’m helping folks right now aren’t I? See what happens everybody?


As long as there’s good pressure and volume it’s not a problem, but over time galvanized pipes have a tendancy to corrode internally preventing adequate flow.