Clinton uses personal email addy for state (international) business.:shock:

Slow news day.

Yea, a potential presidential candidate breaking the law is not worthy news for some because they are too blinded by the bright shiny D after their name. I would not hire that lying cheating moron Clinton to cut my grass!

Law was put in after she left lol Republicans must be worried don’t you think . so did Colin Powell, double opps .

Wow, this is news?

Who cares?

NBS NEWS-the trusted lefty source of all things political

Hillary Clinton’s Personal Email Use Differed From Other Top Officials

Odd that the New Your Times is doing this now.

Maybe they just need to get it out of the way before the campaign games begin.

All news is manipulated. Please remember that. :shock:

LOL or Mikey it is a slow news day

Just pointing out for the Billary lovers that all is not right and even the paper of record and leftist media have questions.

I’m sure this will all blow over soon and some Republican will come around to et the left all excited again.

Maybe Ben Carson’s statement yesterday that being gay is a choice.


Wow, on her own server too.:shock::roll:

lol, i’ve said it before.

She had one job to do in the White House before, and she couldn’t do that right either.

She had to get Monica Lewinski to do it :mrgreen:

You keep saying you could choose to be gay:shock:

Sorry - know your facts - law was put in in the late 90s then strengthened in 08 and again in 13.

But then again, the law really doesn’t follow the Clintons.

I think you meant “apply to the clintons”:frowning:

No war and good economy …nough said.

Care less about their personal lives.

I personally think this is a big deal. Government officials are our employees and we get to read their emails. They don’t get to read ours. Not sure how we got everything upside down.

Sorry she did keep a record as required

Not saying she was right in what she did How ever it is bull**** and shows the republicans are scared and likley cost Tax payer more money to prove it right or wrong .
If politicians would stop pointing fingers and do their job it would be a win win situation . so in fact Powell did the same thing and others too way is that being investigated also Oh wait they are not running are they. lol

Well said!

Oops again! Now she has multiple email addresses :shock::roll:

The only reason to have these is to have privacy and control.

The odds of any incriminating emails is low unless she’s the stupidest person in the world.

When you control the server and domain you can easily remove all trace of any emails on your accounts and server.

The setting is called leave email on server after viewing or NOT.

On government servers as she was supposed to be using by law the live forever somewhere.

Don’t expect anything to come of this, though it should. She broke the law.

Something else is going on in the Democrat party. they want someone else.

Let the games begin.

Wow, even lapdog lame stream media picking up on this, I’m thinking someone wants Warren to take her place.