Watch this.

LOL… wow!!!

Sad, but true. now I have to go cry.
Where will be in 20 more years.???

But what a lovely evening gown.

The audio from that was on Glenn Becks radio program this morning. Sad, sad, sad.

she should be on the show, smarter than a 5th grader . . . :mrgreen:

Katie Couric…watch out! Your job is in jeopardy. She’ll do just fine, probably go on and wow them at college too, find an equally brain dead husband and start having little ones to pass on those stellar genes and great communication skills.

Well, it is a beauty contest, right? Sad, poor girl had stage fright.

I started it and looked away, after hearing it and turning back, I was surprised. I thought it was one of the recent Democratic Debates. :wink:


Probably a future president.

The sad part is, this is what our educational system is becoming.

I don’t think she had stage fright. I hear kids talk like this every day. They’re passing them through school like this. Our Governor was all tough on the WASL and Math, etc. and when it came right down to the wire, she backed down and caved. Now our students won’t have to pass it and won’t have to demonstrate competence in those skills. They’ll just have to take two extra years of Math, which we all know they’ll just pass them through.
On the front page of the Seattle Times this weekend, it said that 80% of college students are having to take some type of remedial coursework when they get to the college level.

Like TOTALY !! :shock:

Reminds me of this quote “It is better to remian silent and be thought a fool, than to open ones mouth and prove it beyond doubt” :wink:



Uhmmmm, well, like, for sure, you know!

Here in Georgia we have our Hope ‘scholarship’. Maintain a 3.0 in high school and get a free ride to college regardless of financial need. To keep the funds you need to maintain a 3.0 in college. Most lose the scholarship after their freshman year of college, since their “soft touch, grade inflating, can’t keep them from going to college” high school teachers aren’t there to protect them. I used to tutor Math on the side to college students, both as an undergraduate and after I graduated. Most of my clients were Hope ‘Scholars’, all traditional freshmen, and were all in 098 Developmental Math and 099 Developmental Algebra! To make matters worse, they were clueless.

And people wonder why our country has a time competing in a global marketpalce? Well, DUH!

Oh so ruling out:

Our lack of the metric system?
Our inability to measure dates smallest to largest? We say 8/28/07 (m/d/y)when the world says it: 28/8/07 (or 28 August 2007) d/m/y.
Our use of AM / PM when other countries use 24 hour format?

In the military, I didn’t understand why we used 24 format, d-m-y format, or the metric system. It was because we were a ‘global’ business with international competitors. :wink:


yep…due to the rapid expansion of free education from unqualified sources that is draggin down our education process.

Tom, Those may very well be too much for her. Would you like to try instructing this young lady in the metric system, or military time? Not me. If she can’t even find her own country on a map, and she is a representation of what schools produce today, I think we be in trouble. Sorry, that should have said; like, I think we be in, like, uh, trouble. God, her parents must be SO proud of her.

Like, can we help it if we like, have it, like, right?