Opening Protection Verification

Since were on this opening protection topic on this forum. I had a client call us to order a inspection. He said his agent needs a Opening Protection Verification filled out. Is this just the 1802 filled out and signed without the rest of the form filled out. Or is there a separate form to be filled out. I asked the client if his agent said anything and he said no.

I been searching online and found nothing, I’m presuming that it is just the 1802 with question 7 filled out.


Some will take the 1802 with just the OP section filled in. I have heard these are called “Limited Wind Mitigation” reports. There is another form that are usually used for commercial properties, in which HI’s or even contractors can’t sign. Only Architects, Engineers, and Building Officials. CIT-26 (07/2004)

Thanks Brad, I’ll stick with the 1802 and just fill out question 7. Its weird, why would the agent just ask for this and not the full wind mit?

They don’t ask for the full mitigation as condo policies only cover walls and, not the structure. Most insurance companies do not file for mitigation discounts on condo policies as they are not required to by Florida OIR, just HO3,HO4 type policies. Most companies do grant a discount for having hurricane shutters that is independent of the mitigation discounts (usually around 25%, but varies by company) but does require verification, thus using #7 of the mitigation form and properly signed usually accomplishes this.

I don’t know why. I have never had a call for this, but if it is for a FBC built home, I am mainly concentrating on the OP, roof shape, and SWR verification. All other credits are built in to the FBC credit.

That too…but on condo non-FBC WM’s, there is a big credit for reinforced concrete roof structure if it has one.

This is not a condo, home was built in 2003 and roof is original. I asked him again and the client said this is all he was asking for. I won’t find out until Friday when I go out there.

I do it also. Smile all the way to the bank :slight_smile:

You must have an awful big briefcase to carry all that cash to the bank