Opening protection - Wind Mit

Fairly new to Home Inspection business and Wind Mits. Having a hard time with section 7 - Opening Protection. Can I get some advice on how to identify the type of protection an opening has?

Thank you in advance

Have you taken the NACHI Wind Mit course ?
If not do it. It will answer many questions.
I’ve done it a few times.

Yes I have, Still a little confusing

You should attend the Orlando Conference and take the wind mitigation class. I am sure that you will get all of your answers there.

What area do you work in?

Yep ! Brother …
Section 7 covers a lot of ground. Be more specific in your inquirie.

Yes Greg I will be attending Orlando conference.
I am in the Orlando area Michael.

I have info for windows - “non-impact” - cannot find any product approval that matches the list in section A.

Would I be checking off X?

Sounds like it to me :)…Good Luck.

If you need help still just msg me and I will be willing to help. See you at the conference.