Wind Mitigation - Sec. 7 Opening Protection

I having a bit of trouble understanding this section all together. I am working along side another inspector in the area and he is wanting to be able to send me out on 4Points and Wind Mit inspections. But I am not feeling confident and it seems he is not confident in me either. Just because of this section alone. He has indicated that we’ve discussed this section too many times and he likes to only tell someone once and they should understand it.

So my question is there some other course or courses for me grasp what boxes to check and when to check them? I have been through the NACHI wind mitigation one but it doesn’t seem to really go over the opening protection. Or maybe I am missing something.

How many wind mits have you done? 4-Pts are pretty cut and dry unless you ask another inspector if they add Double taps and missing junction box covers!

Opening protection is best understood when you read every word of that section THEN understand where that info is found on the windows and doors if present. Add to it how to look up FPAs to determine what level of impact protection!

Just doing one or two forms won’t give you the experience so go back in your inspectors old jobs and create new WMs to practice. One thing to remember is only one X per column and row… two Xs in any row or column is wrong. Practice makes perfect and understand your mistakes could cost someone the loss of a significant discount.

FABI has a great wind mit class next weekend (6/11-6/13) in Tampa, I suggest you go. The 4 point and wind mit classes are on Friday.

You’ll learn a tremendous amount of useful information.

Not many and there lies the problem right now. Doing 1 or 2 a month or every other month does not gain the experience. I could really use some experience with someone that is willing to take on a novice. :roll_eyes:

I have thought about “working” with a company to gain exp. while getting :moneybag:. But then there comes them wanting the experience in order to work for them. I hate catch 22’s.

I might just do that. At least I am looking at taking the Wind Mits on Friday at 1PM.

Sign up now, the deadline for the Wind Mit class is tomorrow, Friday 6/4 at 5:00pm.

I do them every day . what is it that u dont understand . It is a little confusing

I haven’t forgotten about you or the willingness of help. I am taking the WindMit class from FABI today Friday the 11th. If I still have issues. I’ll give you a shout.