Opinion on a tool

Would a Flir TG165 be a good investment to use during a mold inspection?
It is a Imaging IR thermometer.

Does Mold have an average temperature? When does mold get a Virus, or the Flu? Or hypothermia? Questions, questions… :neutral:

I guess I should have asked if it would work the same as Thermal Imaging camera. As with showing Hot and Cold spots or would it just show mostly Hot spots.

It works exactly the same. Water shows up hot and cold.
It may even show hot and cold at the same time.

Do you now when and how this happens?

Actually, no it is not.

Great tool if you know how it works and how to use it.

Thank you Dave I appreciate I am just starting out and did not want to spend money on a tool that would not help

I have seen them at convention. They are what they are. They help you put the moisture meter where it should go. It will not work on a 600,000sf flat roof scan.

Moisture can produce significant temperature differentials, but sometime they will not (like in a basement).

Sometimes it works and will help you out.
But if your expectation is to stand back at the street and find the moisture, it will get you in trouble.

I don’t expect it to find the moisture. Just help with locating areas of penetrations between inside and outside. I have worked in weatherization and energy conservation filed for 13 years I have some experience with Thermal imaging just not this brand. I appreciate you advice thanks again

Inspector Outlet sells them for less than anyone. Add it to cart as an InterNACHI member to see pricing: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/flir-TG165.aspx