I have a large hedge Fund investor group that is requesting we inspect their potential home purchases, over 500 homes, and provide a “hybrid” 4 Point Report. They emailed me a sample of what they consider acceptable. This report was 38 pages long. A long story short, this was a full on home inspection and they want to pay 200.oo per report. I can see that amount for a true 4 Point and give them a few extra pages to include damaged, defective or hazards items not covered in the 4P but not 38 pages. And the sample was on a 2800’ home! I’m not suggesting for more $$, just less report.
Me thinks new inspectors may bite but I can easily pass on this one no matter how many homes they request to inspect…

Now that everyone has that asinine piece of paper many fools wanted this is the result.

I guarantee many folks will take them up on their offer and they will likely not even come close to having the aforementioned number of inspections.

Yeah licensing. Ya might as well be delivering pizza for the prices out there.

Tell them you will do a walk and talk for that price and that’s it.

No matter what you decide there are 50 other guys that will jump at their bull s-it. Sorry to be the one to tell you but I know it is true :frowning:

If they do have those numbers you will likely wait forever for your pennies. Licensing has ruined this profession for anyone with real experience or skills. SORRY.

Unfortunately, this is the key operative word here…“potential”. May be true? But, I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard an agent utter those words.

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Same thing in the Construction industry.

We are going to give you 500 units and at a rate of 20 a week.

You are lucky if you get 5 a week if they promise you that.

IT SUCKS>>>>> It is about low-balling everyone every-time about everything.

If you don’t see it then you are just blind.

I hate it but there is no doubt about it :frowning:

I would look at the report, probably redesign it, then tell them, this is what you are going to get, take it or double the price.

Do you know how long it would take to buy 500 homes that meet their criteria in your market area? Many many years. Having been in the real estate business, I have heard this crap many times. You will be lucky to see 2 and even luckier to get paid.

I agree with Clint, I teamed up with a similar company here in California. Long story short, it’s a bunch of BS. You’re lucky to get paid (if you get paid) at first they pay instantly, then everything slows down. I didn’t lose much, one unpaid inspection and that was it… No more. But hey… It might work for you.

Eric, you hit it right on the head. The offer is legit, I did some Due Diligence and background from the guy on the sample in Tampa. They are picking up properties left and right. My concern isn’t more money or just walk away without stating my position or counter. I would first suggest to reduce the report and condense. All the disclaimers and crap in the sample report added 10 pages, was on every page, top and bottom. I would suggest a blanket disclaimer and Scope of work on file. As far as the report, stay with a true 4 point format then add for obvious defects. I do plenty of Citizens 4P’s @ 125.oo so a couple added pages of info would bring their offer in sight. But I’m sure they will pass, which is ok, and go with the hungry Inspector out there. Any Inspector that can spit out professional reports they are looking for and in a timely manner would never accept their terms.

I disagree. What if a guy has not had work for a few months and has a family to feed?

They WILL find a guy that WILL do exactly what they want.

Home many THOUSANDS are now qualified to to the work because of our great license.

How do we find out the exact number? I just tried to look quickly but did not find out.

**I would think that you can counter with an offer of decreasing cost (start high and go lower)as they get closer to their “Proposed” number of buys. **
Start at $350 after 100 go to 325 after 200 go to 300 and adjust from there. Other comments were probably correct, they won’t get close to that number they set or will want to renegotiate the price or take 30-90 day pay schedule. If they are straight up they won’t have a problem working with you. Remember that was their first offer.Soft ground here, good luck.