Orangeburg Poly-Xtra Pipe

Does anyone have any experience with “Orangeburg Poly-Xtra”, used as a main water supply to a home. This pipe is black, 3/4", (perhaps in the polyethylene family?). It appears to be in good condition. I’m not finding anything useful through an on-line search.


Here’s a picture:

Is this municipal water supply?

How old is the home?

Yes, municipal.

The home was built in 1991.

That stuff was around 1970’s I thought.

When I searched for Orangeburg, I found some drain pipes that date back to the 1970s, made from some pressed material with a very poor track record. This stuff looked like modern plastic. I’m not finding anything troubling about it. Certainly not a PB cousin, as far as I can tell.

It’s a Polyethylene water line, like the stuff used for irrigation systems, used as a water service line in many areas.

Thanks Dominic

I think I’d be more concerned with the 100 psi rating. Typically municipalities require at least a 160 psi piping with compression type fittings. What type of fittings/connections? Were they barbed type with hose clamps?