John & Dennis hit a home run!

Thanks to the hard work of these two members nachi may have a way to increase it’s revenue for home inspectors. It all started with an idea, drive and tenacity for something better and with a lot of hard work and persistence and help from Nick (Yea, I said it, and yes it did hurt). The meeting today was awesome and very informative. Who knows exactly where it all will go, but at least it’s an effort in the right direction. For those Florida members who missed it…well I advise not to miss the next one. Once again thanks to the two members and their spouses for all their hard work and please keep us up to date.

THANK YOU! To everyone who attended our meeting today! John and I really enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. It was a fabulous day of idea sharing, learning, and camaraderie :o)
We are already looking forward to the next meeting!

Michelle for John

Thanks again to Michelle and John, today’s meeting was packed with great information. They were aided by great presentations by Frank Hanrahan, from The Insurance Center, who showed how insurance inspections reflect on policies and Bill York, who showed that he is the go to guy for education regarding Wind Mit inspections. Today’s meeting showed that the inspection field will be a profession that will be respected and populated with educated, competent professionals. I look forward to the next meeting…

Dito, and I feel for those that missed it.

Great turn out, Great attitudes, Great direction we are going!
Lets keep it up, Wish I could have stayed for todays meeting, I hope it is as progressive as yesterdays.
Thanks to all

Excellllant meeting!!! I even won a raffle prize which I then traded for the ladder which I truly needed… Great camaraderie and even Russell was very respectfull … Wish i could have stayed for todays meeting…Dennis looked great for having his heart worked on i just hope he stays calm during todays meeting…thanx NACHI… keep up the good work

Wow!!! traveled from St. Pete to Melbourne in less than 3 hrs. =D>

Ditto to all the above. A fantastic 2 days, learning and building relationships. Thank you Michelle and John. Looking forward to the next one. Lets build this thing and take over the state.

Russell, my sentiments as well. Wish i could have made Saturdays meeting, but it wasn’t to be. The hurt will go away and you’ll get your old form back after a couple of days. lol — Just kidding - It was great to meet and talk with you - Your a class act and I think everyone has a better understanding and appreciation for where your concerns lie. Dennis, John, the gals and others put on a great meeting. My only fear is that John might get so technologically advanced that he won’t have to leave his home to do inspections — and we won’t see him around anymore - Thanks for paving the way guys. Send me the transcript of Saturdays meeting.

Dennis you missed it! I got hit with 2 bottles and called horrible names! One even called me “NICK”! Glad my gransparents were here to hear that!

It was a productive meeting and all went very well. Points were made as well as counter points. Its all in the hands of the powers to be. I will wait and see if anything happens. It was great meeting all of you and hope to see you all soon. Damn now I have nothing to Beootch about…for now that it:) Who knows let me read the next post.

You have many valid points. Many, including myself, didn’t understand where you were coming from in the beginning. It did sound like a bitchin match. However, the more i followed the post, the more educated i became about the topic, for better or worse. Members are educated through discussions here on the message boards, and that is a good thing.

Hello Everyone,

It was a great meeting… I would like to thank John and Michelle and everone else who helped in making this meeting possible. It was a great turn out and a great chance to meet some of you in person. I hope this is the start of more to come…

Great job!

John and Michelle, thank you for setting up and hosting the event. We know you put alot of effort and time into it. It was fantastic!

Great Meeting! Thanks for everything. Can’t wait for the next one.



Thank you and all that participated. Thanks to Bill York or WHYorkand Frank of the Insurance Center of Central Florida. Thanks to all those that drove a great distance. Thanks to Zoe, Dennis and Jim Nolan for the updates on Florida. Thanks to Dennis Bonner for sharing information about Nachi Management.


Maybe have an open bar next time.

Cash bar any way?