Orlando meeting and what happened:

Here is what happened in the meeting in Orlano on the 17 of March 2012

The board met and it was discussed that a better way to communicate was needed. John and Michelle Shishalla offered a private message board where just the council members can meet. They also have an open area where input can be given. The message board is under construction.

Please realize the membership has paid for NOTHING that is happening. The message board the time to build the message board the time to go to and from the meeting is all done on a VOLUNTEER basis. Things take some time to occur. THe VOLUNTEERS are doing this in between building a buisness, working, trying to set up a national conference and trying to assemble something of what they call a “personal” life.

The reason for the private area is to the different topics can be discussed without the viewing of organizations like the CILB, which do monitor our message boards.

First of all there are 4 voting members 1-ASHI, 1-FABI, 1-NAHI and 1-FLHINACHI and two others who contribute have input but no voting authority which is FLASHI and FL NACHI…

Wayne Bertch is the Lobbyist who gives us inoput and we give him feeback according to what each membership wants

SOP is up for review and will be up until the 24th of this month. It is on the website that I will find and if someone else has the link, please post it. Please let me know if there are major changes. If not it will become law in about 90 days.

I was told it is pretty imperative that this pass because if not then what our SOP is could take another 1-2 years to pass and would hinder our growth and progress.

It was discussed that the CILB has classes that can transfer to the HI license and be considered CEU"S. It is presently up for debate, but the consensus was that we want our OWN CEU’S and do NOT WANT the two to intermingle. Reasoning behind it is that they are two different professions and should be treated as such. And Koning has a school and I do not want to put money into the guy who wants to take us down, pockets.

It was also mentioned at we might and try and for a “Home Inspectors” board to represent us to the DBPR much like the CILB. That is presently up for debate and I asked Wayne for the good and bads on that and will await his reply. He is on vacation for the next week or two.

Looking for ways to raise money. I will explain why we need money.

  1. Did you know the landscapers tried to be extempt from the Home Inspection law? They actually are EXEMPT from the mold law! This is the crap that happens everyday!
  2. They tried once again to deregulate and I know some agree with it, but I will listen to all sides of that story and we can decide the best course to go. I have my personal opinion, but that means nothing, its all about you.
  3. Did you know that contractors are wanting to find loop holes to do home inspections without having any of the license, SOP or COE requirements? This is happening each and every day.

We will need support from the members and I suggested that we send letters to our perspective representaives on a monthly basis about items (which Wayne will provide) so we can constantly stay in front of them and not jsut when they get bombarded.

The profession is in its infancy stages and I can say my counterparts are very intelligent and cooperative and looking to advance the profession.

When more information is provided I will share it with you ASAP…I am sorry it took me 24 hours to get this to you, but I did have to drive home, sleep, go grocery shopping and play a little golf with my dad…I apologize it was not fast enough for some…I am trying…

Your only human! It may not have been the play by play you got us used to but then you had to participate too, didn’t you. Thanks for doing it at all.

Could you let us know the names of who was there, and also if/how their positions differ from Nachi’s?

Thanks Russ!

Ray Biron - FABI
Mark Cramer - ASHI
Russ Hensel - FHIHACHI
Damnit I forget the NAHI guy - Super nice guy…
Richard Hyland -FL NACHI
FLASHI - No show

Wayne Bertch

Wayne and Mark Cramer are going to do the minutes of the meeting…I cannot control when they will get out.

Not a single person argued about the direction of the profession and we are presetnly gathering information about the professional Board, CILB, COE and the future of the profession. All people seemed to be on the same sheet of music…

Wow Russ,
Seven minutes, who said your not responcive?!


Slacker…people expect faster though…amazing…I try

Good news Russell

Lobbyist for whom?
Who is paying Wayne?
and which Organization does he represent?

Thanks Russ

For our organization FLHII NACHI, ASHI, FABI and NAHI
The donations are paying Wayne
He represents Florida Home Inspector, he does not represent an “Organization” he represents a profession. But is paid for by the organizations above through donations

Anything else you would like to know about Florida? Care to donate? :slight_smile:

For the “council” and I believe all four orgs is the answer to both your next questions.

Correct as usual…not bad for an old man

When we had previously retained a lobbyist, the Lobbyist represented our position exclusively.

so you are suggesting
that ASHI, FABI and NACHI are all on the same page in Florida?
equally sharing in the cost of a Lobbyist?

Thank you Russ for the info. time and dedication.

And if the above is True…?
What faction are you lobbying against?

Joseph…I don’t understand you need to butt heads with me on every post. Butt apparently you feel the need to know everythng that does not concern you. It is NOT money coming from your wallet, it does not concern your state and it has nothing to do with you.

I spend alot of time trying to get things sorted out, but to have to explain my move to a person who has no input, concern or impact on its decisions is just a waste of my time. But the stalking is very flattering and thanks…

Simple question…
if you have a Lobbyist
Who and What position is he representing
and who is paying?
If you found a Lobbyist to work for free…

When effectuating change in New Jersey, we never asked for money
In delaying Legislation in PA, we never asked for money

you have not asked,
just as I have never asked over the years…

BUT a NACHI Representative position in Florida
may / will impact Legislation in my State.
and could potentially impact negatively upon what has been accomplished so far.

I feel I have the Right to Ask as Representations have been made that the Lobbyist is representing NACHI…

see post #10

Feel away…